Possible Pregnancy PLEASE HELP Need To Know

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Hopeful - December 27

I ovulated between the 16 and 19 of Dec, and had intercourse around the same time. My br___ts were kind of tender, but not like my last pregnancy. I had this weird pain in my ovaries for 4-5 days, and then yesterday morning, I had really bad period type cramps, but no blood. It is very possibly the implantation took place, because in Aug, I had the same really bad pains,and had no explanation for them, until I took a test and it was positive (but then I had a mis). My breats are a little tender still, but not too bad. I am still sore around my ovaries (left side), like a small cramp type pain, maybe growing pains. This morning, thought I was going to throw up, which was the first time for that in a really really long time, I rarely want to throw up. I also have many pimples. Sometimes you just know when you are pregnant, and this time I really think that I am, I feel so much like the last one. I just want to know if what I am having is normal at the early stages of pregnancy or not. Yesterday, the day before and today, I have had discharge, which I normally only have when I ovulate. I was pregnant in Aug, had a mis in Sept, and now feel the same, i just 'feel pregnant'. Please tell me what else it could be, and if it could be all in my mind. I hope these are all pregnancy signs. How early would be too early to test? Please help me! Thanks a million.


Grandpa Viv - December 27

About Jan 10th would be a good time to start testing. I like your signs. Good luck. We hope it sticks this time around.


Hopeful - December 28

Thanks Grandpa Viv. Does anyone else have any advice? Good or bad, I just want to know if my symptoms can be caused by something else. Thanks!


Nursing student - January 17

You could be pregnant, and what u need to do is first get tested and then if it's positive get an ultrasound a.s.a.p. because the baby could be developing in your falopian tubes...I hope all works out for you...



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