Pregnancy Right After M C SCARED

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Emma - December 29

The day when I turned 11 weeks I lost my baby. It was terrifying to go trough this since it was my first m/c. The bleeding stopped 9 days later then me and my dh had made love thinking of it's ok not to use any protection because I am not ovulating. A day later I started to have white/clear discharge and that increased as the days went by. 5-6 days later I had a bit of a brown bleeding and then brown spotting, only when I wipe. this lasted for 2-3 days. Then it's gone. Still didn't think of anything other then it must be part of my m/c . I had a dream I had triplets!!! I never dreamed anything like that before. In the past 2-3 days I am feeling weird. (dizzy a bit, mild back pain and mild headache, bloated, bleeding nose and it feels like water in my nose sometimes I had this previously) Could I be pregnant again? I'm scared because I don't know if my body is ready. please help!!


Emily - December 29

I got pregnant after a m/c. I lost a baby at 10 weeks. I had to have a D&C to finish it, cause my body was not doing it naturally. I had one cycle and then I got pregnant again. We were trying, because my doc told us we could try again right away since it was a rutine D&C and every thing went okay. I was diapointent I didnt' get pregnant right away. Instead in Sept I had a period and tehn I got pregnant. I was scared to death even though we were trying. I am now 14 weeks and 4 days. I have seen the baby on u/s and we have heard teh heartbeat.... Good luck to you. What ever happens, try to remain calm. I would test now and if neg and no period, again in a week. THey say sometimes it takes anywhere form 4-6 weeks to have a period after a m/c. It took me five weeks....


Emma - December 29

That's my worst fear that I could lose this baby. the risk for another m/c is much higher for me than before. Today I am going to see the doctor. I have an appointment at 11:30 and will. One good thing though I had a natural m/c. My body took care of it. Good luck to you Emma, but I say you are in the safe zone.


Emily - December 29

THanks. Keep me updated. I know it is scary. The chance of a m/c does go up after you have had one, but not a lot. Most woman have perfectly normal pregnancies after a m/c as long as there is no issue with your body carrying a baby. I know I do not have theat problem. I have a 17 month old at home. She is my life. SHe is the reason I think I stayed sane when I lost the baby. She was 11 months old when we found out I was pregnant and 12 and 1/2 months when I lost it. She saw that I was crying once and came and gave me a hug. Good luck to you. If you aren't pregnant now, you probably will be soon, provided you think yyou are ready and start trying. Good luck to you and I will be thinking of you.././


Emma - December 30

I have seen my doctor on Thursday. She agrees with me that I might be pregnant. We did a PT but it was -, it's good, because if it would have been a +, then it be ?able since I just had a miscariage 3 weeks ago. Good to no the hormones went down and no false positive the next time I test. I feel pregnant, the white discharge I'm getting the same as the last time I was preggo. I have this weird feeling in my abdom, so much gas going on there. Feels like many bubbles b__wing up. Exactly the same feeling like before. In a week or so I do another test and will have to see. This time I won't tell my DH because I had to break his heart again. Once I'm out of the danger zone will be much easier.


teeniemoon - December 30

Hi ladies. I just wanted to say that I had a m/c in Nov 00 and found out I was pg in Jan 01. I was scared too, but Dr a__sured me that everything would be ok and it was. She's a beautiful, healthy, 4 year-old. Just try to relax and ask God for his hand of protection and he will take care of you... Baby dust to all!!! :)


Emma - December 30

Thank you for your conforting comment. It's very hard to stay relax. This morning I did a test, just couldn't wait. It was negative of course, but I could see a second line appearing beside it, it was very faint. I feel preggnant no doubt about it. Tonight I started experiencing some abdimonial pain on the same spot where I had the sharp pain during miscarriage. I just hope my body is ready to handle another little rosko. We didn't plan to try for another one so soon. It's so interesting I feel like I meant to have a baby for some reason.


teeniemoon - December 30

So very true, it is hard to stay relaxed. This is the one thing about women that we have no control over. We just have to sit and wait for something to happen or not happen. I think that's what makes us so "hormonal" :) At any rate, if it's meant to be, it will be. I will say a little prayer tonight when I go to bed for all of you who are ttc and I'll pray for sticky babies for you all!!! Here's to the mighty BFP!!! :)


Emma - December 31

Tooniemoon, you have such a kind heart. I have been saying little prayers daily. I hope things will be ok. This time I will keep it a secret from everyone until I know its time to tell.


marinemama - December 31

I can't say whether you are pregnant or not, but I can tell you that I got pregnant during a miscarrige myself! And for me this was my third miscarriage so you can imagine my worries about another pregnancy. My advice to you is to take a test when you know it will be accurate and also have a blood test done. The HCG from the miscarriage could still be present in your body up to eight weeks. I know it is scary thinking about another miscarriage, but just know that you are not alone. I hope I helped in some way.


teeniemoon - December 31

Thanks :) I just know how hard it is to wait it out. I had my tubes tied about 3 years ago after a bad divorse. I had some signs of pregnancy last month which is how I ended up here. I'm not pg, but now I think about having a baby and it makes me a little sad that I chose to have my tubes tied. Babies can bring such joy to our lives!!! And, while reading everyone's posts I got addicted and now want to see you all get your bfps, so I have to keep reading to find out what happens :)


rizo123ex4 - December 31

Emma i had a natural m/c on may 3 and we wanted to try again so we used no protection and we got pg 3wks 3d after the m/c i'm now 33wks


Emma - January 2

Thank you all your replies. Next week monday (7 days) I will do a test and see if Im pregnant. It was decmber 19 when we had unprotected s_x, I a__sume on Jan 9 I should able to get a + if I am preggo. Will keep you updated. Happy New year!



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