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claire_19 - July 14

Hiya, i would just like to ask your advice please, i had a miscarriage this year at the back end of march, it was a weird one because my period came on the correct day (march 18th) but a week later i started bleeding, no idea why so i went to the hospital, they told me i was around 5 weeks pregnant..that was a big shock seeing as id had my period! unfortunately i lost the baby :-( , i got AF back 4 weeks later (april 24th 'ish') but the next month my period went back to the normal date which was the 18th, anyway last month (june 17th) i got a little bit of red spotting, never had that before but i came on my period the next day (normal period date) i went to the toilet yesterday and there was a little bit of blood when i had a wee, my br___ts r sore (but that could just be because AF mite be coming), i feel sick this morning and have lower back pain...but because i think i may be pregnant i mite just be noticing these signs, mind over matter ha i no the only way to know for sure would be to take a pregnancy test but iv bought loads before and it cots a lot of money so from what iv said above could any1 give me advice, wether they think i could be pregnant ?!?!!? thank you so much


sarahd - July 14

Hi Claire, You might be - personally I'd try to wait until af was due (which I'm guessing is the 18th, correct?). Your bleeding could be normal spotting or could be implantation bleeding. Do you know if you ovulated this month? Some women get bleeding w/O, is it possible you're ovulating late? I'm hoping for ya that's it's IB and you get a positive test next week! Let us know....


claire_19 - July 15

yep thats correct, my AF is due on the 18th, iv never bled during ovulation, infact i know this may sound silly but i dont know when i ovulate, iv never been up on these things lol i jus thouht i ovulated 2 weeks after my first bleeding day occured during AF for around 10 days ? is that correct? lol we dont use protection so im just a little confused as to why i cant get pregnant, is it becuase of the miscarriage? many thanks xxx



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