Prenatal Vitamins Do They Make You Nauseated

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Jenn - December 5

I started taking prenatal vitamins 3 days ago and i've noticed that I'm just a little bit nauseated....not a whole lot...just enough that I notice it a little. i still haven't gotten my period yet this month and I don't know if I'm I wasn't sure if it was the pills that was making me a bit nauseated or if it was because I could be pregnant. Can anyone offer any wisdom? Also, I had some very light spotting a couple weeks ago....that has never happened to me before. Any words of wisdom??? My husband & I NEVER have s_x without a condom and to my knowledge, I don't think any have broken.......


Hi - December 5

I have been taking the prenatal vitamins for about 5 months now, they still make me sick once in a while.


??? - December 5

Why are u taking prenatal vitamins if u aren't trying to get pregnant?


Jenn - December 5

the doctor told me that it was a good idea to start taking them now because we plan on trying to get pregnant in jan.


Hi - December 5

Mr. Dr. gave me prenatal vitamins just in case, as we were trying to conceive. I have heard that being on them prior to conceiving does aid in preventing certain disorders/defects.


Liz - December 6

Hi, When I was pregnant with my son, the vitamins made me feel ill. I could not handle taking them in the morning, so I switched and started taking them after dinner and I felt 100% again. Maybe that would help. Good luck and God bless.


maklan - December 6

Yes, prenatals can definitely nauseate you. There are so many different ones. I would try a different one. Maybe you can take it back to the store and say they didn't agree with you. It's definitely possible you could be preggo as well. Many babies are conceived using a condom. Condoms are not 100% safe. I would take a preggo test. Hope this helps.



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