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babydreams - January 27 9:02pm

Hey ladies,

I'm on my third cycle TTC, and I have yet to notice significant br___t pain or any prominent blue veins that I hear are both signs of pregnancy. Anyone know when these symptoms usually occur? I'm 3 DPO today, and I was excited yesterday because I felt some nipple tenderness, but it went away today. It seems logical to think that you wouldn't get any br___t pain until at least 5-7 DPO when the egg implants. Anyone have any insight for me? Since I've never had br___t pain, this baffles me ... Also anyone out there who got pregnant, without such pains?

SuzieQ - January 27 9:35pm

Yes - I literally just posted my results on this site - read "++++" and you'll see. Best wishes and ***baby dust*** to you :)

Lin - January 27 9:38pm

Implantation normally occurs anywhere between 6-12 dpo, and it would take some after implantation for symptoms to occur, so don't expect any symptoms until at least 9 dpo.

michelleb - January 27 10:22pm

Well, I am on dpo 20, and I have yet to feel any b___st pain. No pain in that area. Have had cramping off and on real low in pelvic region, tiny bit of nausea, headaches, and elevated temperatures. But seriously, no b___st pain or blue veins. Wasn't sure if it was cause I've had one child 15 months ago? Cause I remember with her, that was the first thing I noticed was sore bbs. Just wait till 7dpo or so then see what your symptoms are... Good luck to you!

michelleb - January 27 10:28pm

Oh, and I am now 5 weeks pregnant. And I meant maybe my bbs have already enlarged and are ready to nurse because I only quit nursing 5 months ago or less. : )

Lacey - January 27 11:28pm

Before I got my bfp, two days after O would O my bbs would start to get sore. Last month my bbs never started getting sore until I was 7dpo. They got really, really sore and started getting big within a day. Every women is diffrent though.

Kay143 - January 28 12:10am

Hey babydreams. It varies from women to women... some might have the b___st pains and veins while some might not. Good Luck and Baby Dust!!

Deb - January 28 7:50am

I am 16 weeks pregnant and I never got blue veins until a month ago. When I was ttc, I noticed that I actually had blue veins all the time but never really paid attention to it before. Now my blue veins are much more noticible.

chandellina - January 28 2:54pm

i got pregnant in sept. (but unfortunately miscarried at 8 weeks) and i had noticeable b___b swelling and tenderness (though never saw blue veins) only 6 days after conception. i thought it was PMS since they would hurt a week or so before period - though strangely since the miscarriage i haven't had any b___b swelling when AF comes, only cramps.
i don't know for sure when i ovulated this month but it should have been about 3 days ago and my nipples felt very sensitive today. i'm not going to psyche myself out though, i'm sure it's too soon for anything and for all i know i'm ovulating late today and it's related to that (extra BD just to be sure)...

babydreams - January 28 8:02pm


Good luck to you! I'm 4 DPO, so please let us know how it goes for you this, month, K? Sorry about your earlier miscarriage. : ( Lots of baby dust to you*********!


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