Really Worried About Possible Miscarriage

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Really worried - April 18

My doctor has been monitoring my HCG counts because I've been ttc for 9 months now. I'm not 5 weeks pregnant, but he said the numbers weren't rising as they should. He also said that there is a very good chance of this pregnancy ending in miscarriage and he would like to do a D&C if my numbers don't start going up. I have never been so worried and scared in my life. Has anyone ever heard of this? What exactly is a D&C? Are you awake/asleep? Any help is welcomed please.


b - April 18



Aria - April 18

Hi! OK, Im sorry to hear about this-you must be out of your mind...I was when I had a miscarriage in Nov. try to relax your mind about it-I spent hours online researching, only to make myself crazier! If this is a miscarriage, the option is to clean yourself out naturally ( if possible) or a D and C ( they clean you out via sucking). I opted for the natural way.. The #s should be going up, not down-so maybe your dr is trying to buffer you..I hope not..but try to think as positive as you can -hang in there! xoxo Aria


jena - April 18

i'm not sure how long your doctor has been monitoring your hcg levels, but make sure he doesn't jump the gun on a D&C. you said "I'm Not 5 weeks pregnant" - did you mean I am now 5 weeks? If so, then I'd wait until you are supposed to be 6 weeks and ask for an ultrasound. I had mine at 6 weeks and you could see the heartbeats on the screen then (yes, two!). so if you can hold off until then, i'd for sure wait and then you can see if you can see the heartbeat - sometimes you can't even see it that early. just my opinion, but i wouldn't jump the gun on such a serious thing. also, 9 months really isn't THAT long to be ttc (I know it seems long!!!) but I wouldn't worry until at least 12 months, possibly much more, depending on your age and health. GL!!



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