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huddie - July 10

Just wondering if you were back online yet? WE ALL MISS YOU!!!


ZenGirl - July 10

I second that! :))


BackBratOne - July 10

I third that


j. - July 10



shalyn - July 10

LOL I'm with you girls!


Rhonda - July 11

Yes,i just got back today!! Im so happy you all missed me! thanks a bunch girls.


kaylas mom - July 11

how are you rhonda and huddie?


Rhonda - July 11

kaylas mom,i am doing pretty well.Just got my internet turned back on today! Im so happy to have it back.


kaylas mom - July 11

i bet. look i have read alot about you and huddie and i need your advice. i am 8 days late and i had a very very faint + yesterday. today me an dh had intercouse and after when i peed and wiped there was a very very light oink on the toilet paper it was almost not noticeable... what do you think?


Emma2 - July 11

Hey Hey look who is back! I was wondering there is someone missing here besides Lin. WC back girl.


Rhonda - July 11

kaylas mom,I really do beleive you are pregnant,a positive is a positive.When i first got my bfp,it was sooo light i could hardly see it.And you may or may not notice a change in your cm,i did not notice a change at all.Congrats you are pregnant.


Rhonda - July 11

Emma2,thank you for the welcome,i was miserable without my internet.I love this forum and alot of the girls on here.


AllEyesOnMe - July 12

AH i can feel the love.it's cool.


DownbutnotOUT - July 12

I miss you too Rhonda but i miss all you ladies as well!


huddie - July 12

Hey Kayla'smom...any kind of positive faint or very noticeable is a def positive...congratulations girl! If you need more confirmation..wait until the morning and take another test using fmu


AllEyesOnMe - July 12

wow you are a bunch of great girls.glad to see nice hearted people on here.i was on a different forum and they were all really ignorant acting.


AllEyesOnMe - July 13

And ya if it showed a pos then you are pregnant.



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