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nicky - December 14

has anyone noticed things smell stronger? my husband had a burrito and put some pace sauce on it and it almost mad me gag. i wasn't even sitting close to him. i could smell the peppers and spices. he swears i am pregnant now.


T.R. - December 14

oh my yes! I could smell dh aftershave all the way in the kitchen and he was in the bathroom still and it made me sick. This happened a few days before bfp.I am 9 weeks pregnant and smells are very strong. Sounds good! Best of luck!


nicky - December 14

thanks, i noticed i could smell things in my cla__sroom today too. things i normally don't notice. how far along were you when you got your BFP? do you have a regular cycle? i go anywhere from 30-40 days. 40 days was sunday. i tested then and got a BFN.


nicky - December 14

what were some of your other symptoms?


Liana - December 15

there are times i think my smell is stronger. my mom and i were at the mall today and i was kinda hungry. i was trying to figure out what to eat when i smelled a sandwich. i was like, oh, that sandwich smells good. and my mom is like, what? i said, did you smell that sandwich (the lady was about 10 feet away from us) and she's like, um, no. i ended up with a chocolate donut. lmao!


Kira_lynn - December 15

Yup im about 7weeks and i was at work and a coworker used handsanitizer across the store and i could smell it like it was right beside me. Liana! Me too. when im hungry at the mall i just smell every booth i walk by. Cinnabon smells good every time tho.


nicky - December 15

i felt awful today. there was a little girl in my cla__s that had a bad ear infection. the smell of it almost made me throw-up. i sent her to clean up b/c i thought she had not taken a bath. she came back and smelled better. then i noticed her fooling with her ear and then i smelled the stinch again. it was terrible. i could also really smell the smoke smell on some of my students clothes.


Becky - December 16

I was at a bar tonight and normally the smell of smoke does not get to me. When I left I had a headache, my eyes hurt and I had to take a shower immediatly when I got home, it smelled so bad!! I'm due to start on the 18th.


nicky - December 16

still no af, gonna test tomorrow



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