Smelly Armpits

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Grace - March 20

Hi all,

I was wondering if smelly armpits was a sign? I have been cold all week, but still manage to have really smelly underarms. Also, lower back aches, like period cramps, and front lower stomach shooting pains. Could someone explain to me how you determine DPO, and when you actually conceive. So confused!!



G - March 20



princess - March 20

hey grace, havent heard of the armpit symptom. sorry.... gdluck


louise - March 20

i was unaware that pirspiration can be in excess during pregnancy, however as temperature rises maybe your body is swetting alot more because of te heat and that is the result. if you want to combat this, was armpits everyday and use a strong anti pirspriant, such as a male deodrant


Lulu - March 20

Thats funny how you ask this b/c we've been ttc since October and im 6 days late and i've noticed that no matter how hard i scrub they are still funky..i wonder if sweating too much could be a symptom?? anyone?


Lindsey - March 20

Yes I do believe that this is a symptom. I would complain that my pits would just reak! no matter how much I showered and deodorized, it still kept coming back. Low and behold I was pregnant!


Grandpa Viv - March 20

There is also the possibility that your sense of small has changed. Cigarette smoke, perfume, and husband's armpits can suddenly become a turn-off. Ovulation is 14 days before your expected period, plus or minus 2. Conception takes place at ovulation, though the sperm may be from several days before.



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