So Confused 5dpo And Symptoms Already

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icelandmommy - January 15

I always ovulate during or right after my period (the last few days of my period or the day after) I discovered this after getting pregnant with both my boys when I thought I was safe because I was on my period,lol. I missed my period in December (not unusual I br___tfeed occasionally and miscarried 7 months ago so my body isn't 100% on track) and had a reg. period in January which lasted about 7 days, no clotting, but a reg. period. We had s_x on the 10 and 11th and well, lets say he is VERY fertile (he got his former fiance', who had her tubes, tied pregnant) and we got pregnant w/in 2 months of dating, we have been married for 3 years now:)....but in my whole life I have never had what is happening to me until I have been pregnant...but how can I have symptoms 5dpo? Thats crazy isnt it? I mean yes, it would be my 4th pregnancy but can I be that sensitive? I already have had severe headaches, I cant eat anything, my br___t are so tender as if I am going to start my period and I have had lower back pains and some mild cramping. I cannot test as I have not missed a period, but could I seriously be having these symptoms so soon? Am I crazy? Anyone else have this happen and you are/were pregnant? Its making me feel like maybe I am nuts...any help please? Thank you


Emma26 - January 15

Hi icelandmommy! You're not crazy at all. When I fell pregnant with my little boy I started getting my first symptoms about 2-3dpo. It does sound mad, but I felt like I was getting the flu or something. My temperature was slightly higher than usual as well. Then on day 12-13dpo I got tender, swollen b___sts which was later than normally, so yes I think you can definentely have early pregnancy signs. Im trying for my second baby now and today I have felt that flulike feeling again so hoping that this is it.... But I think sometimes we can get a little obsessed with all these signs and the more we think about it the more we feel, so trying not to put my hopes up to high. Good luck to you though, hope this is the month for both of us:)


icelandmommy - January 15

Thank you:) Actually we had given up,lol and are in the process of I guess I will just wait and see what happens. If I am great if not we will continue to adopt. Baby dust!



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