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KimberlyM - September 19 7:00pm

What kind of symptoms would you have if you are 8DPO and pregnant? Here is my chart if anyone could take a peek and tell me what you think:

Take out any hyphens if the web address doesn't work. Thanks

A - September 19 7:16pm

What kind of symptoms are you having?

Chas - September 19 7:25pm

Kimberly, your chart looks very promising! The intercourse pattern looks kind of like mine this month. I am looking for a bfp!!! This is the 10th month ttc. What kind of symptoms are you having, if any? I am 10dpo, take a look at my chart and tell me what you think !
luck to you !!!

KimberlyM - September 19 10:42pm

A, that is why I was asking because I dont have any symptoms. I was just wondering what I should be aware of...if anything.

KimberlyM - September 19 10:51pm

Hi Chas, I don't have any symptoms at all so I was wondering what I should be looking out for. Your chart looks did last months. Don't ya hate that....a good looking chart and still a BFN!!!!! I only end up back here during the 2ww. We are close in our cycles a lot of months, I remember some of your posts. What kind of an "intercourse timing" score did you get at FF???

Kimberly - September 20 2:16am

At the risk of reading into things, I have been experiencing some very mild cramping or twinges on my lower left side. Started late Mon night. I always swear I won't be one of those women who tries to make every little thing be a symptom of pregnancy. LOL I have NEVER had any kind of menstrual pain at all so when I noticed the "cramps" I started paying closer attention. I have also had heartburn tonight but, I think it is probably too early for that to be related to pregnancy. I have also noticed I have needed to go to the bathroom quite often..I sure do hope I haven't started "creating" my own symptoms. Chas are you having any symptoms?

bump - September 20 2:16pm

angelbaby - September 20 2:30pm

Your chart looks good so far. Implantation bleeding is sometimes the first symptom and that can happen anytime from 5-12 days past ovulation. I ovulated on the 8th and received a positive test 11 days after. At this point, my b___sts are a little sore and that's it. Alot of women don't feel anything until way after their period was due. I'm just going to keep watching my temperature. Good luck!!

Chas - September 20 5:54pm

Kimberly, I got a high score with FF. I really don't have any symptoms, except for some mild cramping today. But that could be the dreaded af! No sign yet, this time last month i had started already. If I am going to get a visit from Af, then it should be any day. I am going to hold off testing until this weekend if she doesn't show.

b - September 20 6:51pm


brilyn - June 23 1:06pm

i am currently 8 dpo into ttc.... here has been my experience so far!!!
3-8 dpo : cramping to mild cramping
4-8 dpo : fatigue hits around noon ready for bed by 3pm
5 dpo : diarrhea, cramps, very mild lower back pain, slight nausea
6-7 dpo : cramping, restless sleep, dehydrated, loss of appet_te
7 dpo : mild cramping still, feeling emotional & moody, thick yellowish
discharge, but not a lot
6-8 dpo : cramping felt like af was coming early, headaches, lower
back pain..........

thats all for now - i've been ttc for 10 months now. I wish the strongest baby dust to us all! May God & The Blessed Mother Mary be with us in our time in need & pray to fulfill our wombs with the gift of motherhood! God i ask you to please bless us all to heal our hearts for hte need to be with child!


brilyn - June 23 1:15pm

one more note i forgot ot mention - i had no tender, swollen, sore, or darker bbs!

but everyone is different so i might not right away if i am!

baby dust every 1!

mommyofdkt - June 23 1:49pm

This thread is 3 years old!!


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