Symptoms Bloating Leaky Sore Breasts Metal Taste In Mouth

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Kathy - January 16

Yesterday I realised several things which are leading me to wonder if I may be pregnant... 1. feeling terrible with major bloating and diarrhoea 2. leaky left nipple and slightly tender br___ts 3. A metal taste in my mouth, which just won't go away! My last period began on 13/12 and I almost always have a 28 day cycle, so I'm a few days late ....not up to taking pregnancy test yet, has anyone had these symptoms too and found out they are not pregnant? Anyone else have these symptoms?


kat - January 16

i had symptoms but i think it was psychological coz i so want a baby.........!


Kathy - January 16

Kat, thanks for answering, I so hope mine's psychological cos although I would love to have a baby, my partner (of 4 yrs) is not ready for one yet! He wants us to buy a house first.....fingers crossed my period comes soon then!!!


kat - January 16

i think that the more you think you may be pregnant the more things you notice that could be a sign,its weird how your mind plays tricks on you like that! good luck,let me know how you get on.


Kathy - January 17

I'M PREGNANT! Oh my gosh! My mind got the better of me wondering am i? am I not? so Took a test about an hr ago and yip it was definately a positive result........................


citrouille - January 17

congrats kathy! I'm sure that your partner will come around and be happy to have a baby :)


Lyn (from australia) - January 17

congrats...............all the best with the pregnancy........males are always scared at first but im sure b4 long he will be as happy as u ......congrats


kat - January 17 are sooo lucky!


Kathy (from New Zealand) - January 17

Thanks for all your good wishes everyone, all the best to you if you are having a baby or hoping to become pregnant :-) I am really not looking forward to the morning sickness!!



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