Temperatures Dropping Below The Coverline

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MegGriffin - February 28

I was just wondering when you get AF your temperature usually drop below the coverline right? I had a really light (which is unusual for me) AF this month and when I looked back on my chart only one temp dipped below the cover line. I had two days of really light bleeding, then 3 days of brown spotting not even enough to need a tampon (sorry if TMI).
Has this happened to anyone before?
Im just wondering if the temp. usually only drops once when you get AF or if its meant to stay down!?


winterwhite - February 28

I'm not sure about the temps but if being light is unusual for you and you have had 2 days of light bleeding and 3 days of brown spotting.. to me that sounds pretty good. Have you tested at all and have you got any other symptoms that you don't usually get with af or anything? ~x~


MegGriffin - February 28



MegGriffin - February 28

I havent tested yet... I guess I dont want to get disappointed lol! I had very mild cramping which again isint normal usually I have HORRIBLE cramps the first day then Im okay. But these ones where definatly bearable and I didnt feel the need to use a hot water bottle or take any meds or anything.


Jezebel - February 28

its supposed to stay down until you ovulate. if it doesnt stay down then you could still be pregnant


winterwhite - February 28

Hmm when did your period end? Maybe you should test tmw morning. ~x~


MegGriffin - February 28

Hey Ladies!
Thanks for the help so far! I would say it ended yesterday because today was the first day with nothing. It started on the 23 and went until the 27th. So pretty average amount of time to have a period but no period really happened... I guess it did in a form but it was most brown spotting just the two days of really light bleeding.
Im going to temp for a few more days up until Im meant to ovulate again this month just to see. Thanks for the help. If there is anything else to add I would love to hear it1
Thanks again!


Jezebel - February 29

wow meg sounds promising!!


BeckyBunny - March 1

It's supposed to stay down. =D have you tested?


Nicole22 - March 1

I just went through what i'm pretty sure was spotting. i had the light pink, hardly anything and only for a day and a half, and then the brown, which lasted about 4 days, and didn't even need a pantie liner. I have never actually taken my temp before so i don't know about that. but it does sound like to me that you may be pg from the description of spotting.


MegGriffin - March 1

No I havent taken a test yet. Im going to wait until Im meant to ovulate this month to see if fertility friend detects it I ovulate. If my temp just stays up through it then I will test after. If it picks up a shift then I guess it was just a weird period!
Nicole... did you end up pregnant then? With the pink then the 4 days of brown because that sound SO similar to me?! I also didnt even need a panty liner or anything it was just when I wiped.
Thanks again girls!


MAC_33 - March 2

Hey Meg, check out my chart ~~ fertilityfriend.com/home/MAC_33 ~~ When looking at the 12/29 cycle (last month) you'll notice that I had 2 days of light bleeding and 9 DAYS of high temps before they finally dipped below my coverline. So yes, you can still have high pre-ovulation temps and not be pg. Good Luck!


MegGriffin - March 2

Hey! Thanks for sending me you chart! My temps have been up for 9 days today and Im meant to be ovulating on the 5th so I guess we shall see what happens!
I know this may be a dumb question but you have to ovulate in order to get your period right? You cant get your period unless you ovulate or you can?
Thanks girls! I will keep you updated!


MAC_33 - March 2

Actually no, you can have a period and not ovulate. I have a period about about every 40 days but have only O'd once or twice since last summer. In fact, the cycle before the 12/29 cycle with the high pre-O temps, I did not ovulate. I'm not sure if the lack of ovulation played a part in the high pre-O temps or not.


MegGriffin - March 2

Do you have any idea why you dong ovulate every month?
Thats what Im trying to figure out is if I ovulate every month or not.
Has fertility friend really helped you figure out when you ovualte?


MAC_33 - March 2

We're not really sure as to why I'm not ovulating regularly. My OB said that you're at your peak fertility in your late teens and early 20s, after 25 it starts a slight decline, at 30 the decline gets a bit more steep, and then at 35 your fertility starts to plummit. I am 33 now and she stated that in my early 30s a woman can expect to have 3 cycles a year that are annovulatory. In my case, with such long cycles (they've all been around 40 days) my chances of conceiving decrease. So now we're trying Clomid for 3 months to get my ovaries ovulating and to try to shorten my cycle. If that doesn't work then I can expect lots of lab work to follow.


MAC_33 - March 2

Oh and to answer your question...YES fertility friend has been a HUGE help! My annovulatory cycles are sporadic but you can see a fairly clear bi-phasic pattern on the ovulatory cycles. Which, btw I've only had 2 of since ttc and I ovulated so late in the last one that we figured the egg probably wasn't viable.



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