Test Result Turned From Neg To Positive After Time

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Soozi - January 25

Is it false hope to think that I just didn't wait long enough? Or is it a false positive because it was past the 3-5 minutes... I took a test, showed neg, so I left. Came back maybe an hour later to a second ( positive ) line. I have heard that these are " evaporation " lines. Should I re test- I am only 2 days late. This ever happen to any of you?


B'Lana - January 25

Soozi, the manufacturer says (i a__sume 1st response) that you should discard response after 5 minutes, so If I owuld be you, I would not get excited wait a few days and retest, there is nothing worse than dissapointment...Good luck!


To Soozi - January 25

I would retest...I think results that are seen an hour after the fact are invalid. I think the negative was probably correct.


soozi - January 25

B'Lana- don't I know it! TTC for 4 months now and really trying not to get hopes up, just have never had a test go from Neg to positive like that before! Thanks for your input! Best of luck to you too!


soozi - January 25

Thanks, Ladies. I kinda thought as much, but hoping for a different answer. :0)


courtney - January 25

Hi there I had a simil;ar experience about three years ago. I used fact plus the result was negitive then when I look about 6 hours later turned positive(dark pink line!!!) All in all I retested about 3 days later to get my positive with clear blue.....so in my opinion it does happen!!!! Good Luck!!!


soozi - January 25

Thanks, Courtney! I am just at a loss here. I have a 6 yo and think that I should remember these things! I will retest- thanks again.


DESIRE - January 25

I think I'm pregnant too, because it started since October when my period went from 7 days to 2-3 days. And Nov-Dec. I couldn't stay out the bathroom pee-n. And this month, I'm experiencing more back lower right and left side pains and sore b___st. And I stop having hope in the hpts ever since I was addicted to it in Nov. So I'm right in your category Soozi.


Michelle W - January 26

Soozi, just thought I would let you know - the only time I have had a pregnancy test go from negative to postive after a couple of hours was when I actually was pregnant. I hope the same comes true for you.


soozi - January 26

Hi ladies! I am excited to report that I tested again today and got another faint second line within about 4 minutes! I am beyond excited! I will probably re test over the next couple of days just to rea__sure myself... I bought 3 tests, may as well use them! Thanks for all your feedback and I hope you all have the outcomes you are looking for!


kara - January 26

yes this happened to be and my daughter is 3. I took a test and it was neg i put the test in the box after about 1/2 hour to throw it away and something told me took look at it again and it was pos.


claire - January 27

congratulations soozi i wish you all the best we all know how hard it is waiting but it looks like its over for you!



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