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rachel1 - March 7 10:32am

Hi all, Im so sorry to sound gross, but I have had this thick cream discharge on my underwear, could this be a sign of early pregnancy ? Please someone advise, I have been trying to conceive since my miscarriage in Decemeber

krob - March 7 10:35am

yes it can be a sign not a definite one though good luck

rachel1 - March 7 10:37am

thankyou so much for your quick response, I am currently 11dpo. think it may be too ealry to test?

Lin - March 7 10:48am

If you just get a little blob of it once in awhile, then it's not really a sign of anything, since it should be creamy after ovulation. However, if it is in copious amounts, then that's a good sign.

babydreams - March 7 12:10pm

Actually, that's not what I've read ... cm after ovulation can be all over the map ... and most experts (docs) will tell you not to read too much into it as a preggo sign. (I do anyways, though). For instance, I knew a gal who was dry from O to AF-time, and she was pregnant. The creamy CM came later. Good luck to you. Let us know how it goes! I'm 13 DPO today and eager to see what shakes down today with my body! : )

Lin - March 7 12:13pm

I said that copious amounts is a good sign, but of course it's in no way conclusive. I'd certainly get excited if I saw it, since it would be quite outside the norm for me.

babydreams - March 7 12:17pm

Ah, gotcha! By the way, Lin, how are things going with you. I read your post about wacky happenings this month. Anything new, or have things gone back to normal. My chart was all out of wack this month too, but I think it had to do with my cold/flu thing.

rachel1 - March 7 1:21pm

Hi again, thanks all for your response, I have just gone to toilet again and whe ni wiped I had a little bit of blood lines on the tissue, what is this?

Lin - March 7 1:26pm

That could be another good sign, rachel1. However, it could also mean that AF is on her way. Wait a couple more days. If AF doesn't arrive properly, then that could mean the spotting was implantation bleeding (though that's not particularly common). All you can do is wait at this point. Good luck! Babydreams - I think my weird signs were just that - weird signs. My temp went down to 98.0 yesterday and 97.8 today, so those high temps and ferning must have just been anomalous and perhaps were due to leftover hormones. Thanks for asking, though!

rachel1 - March 7 2:34pm

hi again, thanks lin for your advise. Yes I will def be waiting a few more days means my period is not due for another 4 days. I have since been to toilet another twice and second time was next to nothing on tissue then last time was nothing. Its very confusing and frustrating. I have slight cramp or more than a ache in my left side where your ovary is also last couple of days i have been slightly contsipated so we will just have to hang on in there and hope for the best. :) . If it is implantation bleeding thou shouldnt it have happened before now also when can you test after implantation occures. Many thanks Rachel

Lin - March 7 2:43pm

Implantation bleeding can happen any time all the way up until you expect AF (and after that, if you ovulated late). It sounds very promising! I hope that's what it is! If I were you, I'd wait until the day AF is meant to arrive to test, especially if you're buying expensive pharmacy tests. You should be able to get a reliable result by then. Again, good luck!

rachel1 - March 7 2:50pm

thankyou lyn i will keep you posted. How about you are you trying or are you pregnant?

Lin - March 7 2:58pm

I'm still trying. I went off birth control at the end of October and have been charting since December (everything - temp, cp, cm, opks). If it seems I've given a lot of advice on things I couldn't know about (like IB and discharge when pregnant), it's just because I've done *tons* of reading on these subjects and have probably read every post on this subforum since October.

rachel1 - March 7 5:30pm

I can imagine all of he searching you have done when you trying so hard. Thanks for the info. Well again I have just gone to toilet and when i wiped I had a little bit more blood then when i wiped again there was nothing. This is really driving me crazy as not knowing what it is. I have got slight cramps as if af is coming but then it goes and come back every so often. I wish we could buy the equipment to be able to test our own hcg levels, so we could find out sooner than a early pregnancy test. lol


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