To All The Experts Who Check Their Cervix

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Newbee - March 24

Hi, 1st thx for bothering reading me . I have stopped the bcp in october 2004, and since i've had a 30/31 cycle . I am not really familiar with how to check my cervix, but i have noticed today it was really low (i think i coud insert small finger ), wide open and soft, well when i check, it's always high, hard,closed .I have never been dry since i stopped the pill and i haven't seen that stretchy mucus for months now , but it's always damp. So my question is ,what does it mean ? I am fertile, infertile , ovulating, not ovulating, or what ? I am completely clueless. Any input would be greatly appreciated ! Thx in advance !


Newbee - March 24

sorry, i know this q has been asked time & time again, but i guess it always looks different when it concerns any of us ! any input pls ?


Erin - March 24

You are generally fertile when your cervix is high (it's really hard to reach), soft, and open. You cervical mucus should be stretchy and slippery. These are the best conditions for sperm. anything else is not considered as fertile. If you never experience this, maybe you are not ovulating. Are you checking your Basal body temperature, or using ovulation predictor kits?


Newbee - March 24

Thank u Erin.WHen my cervix is high, it is also hard and closed, but never soft and open. So why is it low, open and soft ? No, im not using BBT nor OPK.


Grandpa Viv - March 25

I have no idea why your cervix is topsy turvy, but i would go with open and soft as meaning that the welcome mat is out, especially if that is around day 16 or 17 of your cycle. It's not advisable to insert a finger into the cervix itself.


Newbee - March 25

LOL Thank you Granpa viv but what do u mean exactly ? R u referring the "welcome mat" as the EWCM ? Im on day 25, my af is not due until another week or so, so i don't understand at all ! But thx anyway .


layla - March 25

Pretty sure he means your fertile about now. BD, BD!


Newbee - March 25

lol leyla, thx for the clarification ! Beleive me there will be a lot of BD in Newbeeland !LOL



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