What Are Twinges

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AmyB - September 24

ok i hear alot of women talk about twinges what do they feel like?


kay101 - September 24

They don't feel like period cramps. Mine alternate from the left to right. It's just like a tiny stretchy feeling. It's hard to explain without using the word twinge. They happen very low in your abdomen.


amyp - September 24

ok i think i am having them..


amyp - September 24

but i am only 5dpo...is that too early


ceecee_fields - September 24

I experienced this yesterday and I am 7dpo. Try not to obsess over your symptoms though (easier said than done I know).


GimmeaBub - September 25

Your twinges feel like little pinching feelings, low down around your hips, and groin, I got them this month but i ahve had them before, sometimes it could even mean your ovulating, although as you said your 5dpo, I am about 7po so best of luck to us :)


Girly1013 - September 25

are you guys describing like little flutters or popping in lower stomach? and are you all pregnant and how long...thanks!


Chris1975 - September 26

Twinges feel like pinches, or something tugging at a ligament in your abdomen ...Girly1013: fluttering and popping is felt when you start to feel the baby anytime from about 16-20 weeks (or so ive been told to look out for!) ...Twinges /tugs/mini-cramps or st_tches in abdomen started happening for me about 5 weeks. Im now almost 17wks.


Girly1013 - September 26

thanks chris! i didnt know how to describe what im feeling but twinges works! i wouldnt sya popping ofr flutters bc i know what they feel like just knew it was the same idea....you said your 5 weeks if i am indeed prego id be 4 weeks...still waiting for AF but no sign of it shouludve started tuesday or today ( wed) but nothing. but def feeling that in the lower stomach. thanks!



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