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ZenGirl - June 24 7:03pm

What does spotting look like and how long can it last? When does it ususally occur and if you are pg, can you get a bfp while you are spotting?

Rhonda - June 24 7:33pm

Spotting is periodic drops of blood.I beleive spotting would vary from one woman to the next.spotting can be caused for alot of reasons.You can still get a bfp while you are spotting.

Emma2 - June 24 10:32pm

Spotting csn range from only present while you wipe, to a few drop of usually brownsh blood, to very light pinkish blood. Once again I repeat this over and over do not expect to spot and think it is a regular sign or symptoms of pregnancy because it just is not. And finally yes it is possible to still be pregnant and spot.

tryingtoo - June 24 10:51pm

sometimes ladies get spotting right around when there period is supposed to be and end up being pregnant...thats called implantation bledding..However, not everyone who gets pregnant has it or notices it, and doen't mean that you are pregnant...I have experienced this month, but am pretty sure that af is going to show up in the next it doesn't mean always that you are preggo.

sarahd - June 24 11:23pm

I just posted this on another thread, but my sister (who now has a 10 month old girl) had some light bleeding around the time of her period, but it was "weird" (in her words), i.e. not like her regular period. She tested a few days later and got a bfp!


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