What If My Nipples Arent Dark

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misslovely - December 12

do my nipples have to get dark in order for me to be pregnant? so if my nipples dont darken i'm not pregnant even if i have other symptoms? is it mandatory they darken? please help!!!


mjvdec01 - December 12

They will darken at some point during early pregnancy. Don't fixate on your nipples. When is your period due? Are you having any symptoms?


misslovely - December 15

I had my period on Nov 29 and ended Dec 1st it was very light in color and in abundance.....my next period is between Dec 28 and 30...but for the past 2 months or so i've been feeling naseous, super tired super hungry a need to eat bake potatos everyday...crampingin my lower abs and back taht come and go and sore b___st that come and go except that for the past week my b___st are super sore and they havent stopped....my bf 5 yr old son is super clingy to me and rubs my stomach a lot and i've been overly emotional...also i go pee so much like every 20 to 30 min...and a little constipated (i've used to go to the bathroom like 4 times a day not kidding...not anymore!!lol...i go like once every 2 days)(sorry if its too much info) so waht do you think? am i imagining it or could i be pregnant? yes when we have s_x no condom and no bc pill.....


natcap33 - December 17

Well misslovely, you and i are in the same boat. I had my last period on Nov 27, but even before then i was experiencing some symptoms. That period was much lighter and shorter than usual. I am still experiencing symptoms and in fact since that cycle my symptoms have increased. Breast changes, nausea, strange appet_te, and that feeling where your nauseous a lot and you think maybe you need to eat but then you do and it doesnt go away, leg cramps, fluttering and fish like movements (its not gas of bowel). My nipples have changed to where the center is lighter and I have those little white bumps on my areolas along with little white dots of skin or something on the center of them, heavier and larger b___sts.
The thing is that my tubes are tied...ha ha it happens often so its possible.And yes i pee in the middle of the night now one to two times. Though since my 3 children my bladder has been very week, but usually i sleep through the night without going to the bathroom. Also, the last few months ive been putting on weight, but my family and my husband says i look pregnant, without me even telling them i thought i was. But well see...i know im not crazy. Any way, im waiting till my next AF is due before I test, because i tested on Dec 4th and it was a BFN. GOOD LUCK and keep us posted


misslovely - December 17

ok so last night i had like a really bad lower back pain accompanied by really bad lower ab pain it wasnt so much pain as it was discomfort because once i laid a certain way it stopped but if i laid any other way it was well annoying lol......to be honest i never really paid attention to my nipples b4 but i do notice now that like the center of the nipple is light pinkish but like a light brownish pinkish cirlce around it and my aereolas from what i remember they were like really really light pink like you could barely see the color and now they're a little darker pinkish tone....but i will also wait and see past the end of december and test what ever the result though i'm going to the dr. thanks for the good thoughts and i will keep you posted and good luck to you too....


misslovely - December 24

Well i had s_x again on Dec 17th and according to the ovulation calculators that's with in my fertile days...now for the last like 2 months i had all the pregnancy like symptoms as i mentioned but it seems that most of them have gone away....i do get a little naseous but not as often and as bad is not everyday now....i still go pee a lot...and am cosntipated and have gas....i still eat alot....and my lower back still hurts along with my lower abs but not as bad as it did....i'm still waiting for AF to come which it should be next week....and then i'll test....do you think i am pregnant? do you think i've been pregnant? or was it just my body overreacting? idk if af comes or not i'm going to the dr. this cant be normal....thanks and wishes to all the want to be mommies :)....MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


ivette75 - December 27

misslovely i to had my last period on nov29 n right now i have my iud put in for 9yrs n 10 months, the iud is ready to be removed but now im scared im having so many pregnancy symptoms n no period, i am so scared,


ivette75 - December 27

misslovely i to had my last period on nov29 n right now i have my iud put in for 9yrs n 10 months, the iud is ready to be removed but now im scared im having so many pregnancy symptoms n no period, i am so scared, in need of serios advice


misslovely - December 29

hi ivette75 i'm i really dont know what to tell you i'm as confused as you are....i've never used an iud before but if i were you i would go to the doctor and find out about the iud you might be pregnant.....your iud might not work anymore...either way good luck and i wish you the best!


misslovely - January 26

Just wanted to tell everyone I just found out i am pregnant on Friday the doctor said i'm about 6 weeks....i'm really excited...i'll keep you posted



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