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rose2010 - January 14 11:40pm

Hi I am having some symptoms of pregnancy, tight stomach kind out and feels like bloating 24hrs, sore br___t and pain like cramps lower abdominan..i took pregn test at home clearblue neg then waited looked maybe 2 hours and was postive...i took another one couple days later came neg(no name brand) but i think i had my period end dec26 how can i be pregn does 3 weeks show....or maybe i conceived sometime in nov and maybe 6 weeks calendar got thrown out so i dont know my exact dates i had my perid

Grandpa Viv - January 16 12:24pm

When did you have unprotected s_x? Was New Year's fun? Suppose your last period started Dec 21, then you would have been fertile the first few days of Jan with signs possibily starting last weekend. You have not had a positive test yet - anything after 10 minutes does not count. Test again next weekend Jan 23 using first morning pee. GL!

rose2010 - January 16 8:30pm

im not sure if it was my period or just bleeding.. it started dec25 ended maybe 28..i had unprotc s_x on 25, s_x at all after jan2...but people have told me i had gained lil wait previously in nov..but i recently had symptons your right last weekend..does 3weeks show..because i saw alot of pregnancy stomachs online n i look about 6 or 8weeks..?

rose2010 - January 16 8:36pm

its possible it could of been v____al bleeding at end dec right? does it happen that early in pregnancy? and i conceived nov

Grandpa Viv - January 17 5:59pm

One in four pregnancies experiences bleeds in the first trimester. I was not convinced that you got pregnant in the Nov-Dec cycle because a recent test would almost surely have shown positive, and you would likely be complaining of nausea and other signs by now. I'm still guessing you had a contraceptive malfunction around New Year, and a test a week from now would be appropriate. GL!

rose2010 - January 17 6:53pm

ok thank you

rose2010 - January 20 10:48pm

Hi again..I took a blood test tuesd and got the results this morning results acurate do you think a blood test is? is there a specific time your suppose to go? and do you think another blodd test should be taken? im confused because i know i am feeling symptoms and feeling different..intuition im pregnant but I KNOW for sure if I miss my period end this month in jan. i will know the true results..?


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