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maricella - October 4 4:17am

do all women have little white bumps around their areola or is it a pregnancy thing?because ive never noticed them untill now and it look like more is that a pregnancy sign?i think im 9 weeks br___ts are also sore and i have nausea off and on to where i feel like i wanna cry im realy moody one minute ill be happy then im mad thne im sad.i get this mucus discharge but then its creamy.i feel bloated.but the thing is i dont pee alot.i mean when i pee alot of pee comes but i dont have to go to the bathroom alot.and when i pee sometimes when i get up and walk away it feels like more is coming and i get this sharp pain inmy va___a but not like a infection or anything.i also get off and on cravings and i eat alot now.i had s_x unprotected around 7 times in late june and missed my period hadit in july then missed it again in august and it was unusually shorter and a bright red september i was supposed to have it 2 or 3 weeks ago but didnt have it.does it sound like im pregnant?i would lie some advice

maricella - October 4 4:20am

what i ment to say is it was late in july but had it 2 weeks later that month then in august it was late again and had it prolly two weeks later but it was shorter and only one time a little clot came out.but i didnt have any cramps or pains.what do you think?

bullet - October 4 9:47am

also have similar symptoms.had my preiod early last month but it only lasted for a day.

Viv - October 5 9:23am

The white bumps are symptoms. Thank heaven you have a large bladder. Take a home pregnancy test.

bullet - October 5 9:40am

Thanks for your reply Viv.Besides the bumps on my areola.I pee ver very frequently.Somedays I wake up feeling nauseous,sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night felinng hot and nauseous.I have major mood swings-I want to cry the next minute i'm overjoyed.I'm tired all the time especially after meals(lunch) even if i have a small meal.I get really hungry and then when the food is infront of me i feell like gagging.I've done a home test and it was +ve with a faint line.then i went to the Dr to do a blood test and it was I relaxed but the symptoms have not yet gone.especially the b___bs are still uncomfortable and the bumps are more pronounced.they also feel tender.i"m still not sure if i am. I have to pee again....

eyebeeblessing2u - October 5 11:18am

Really those white bumps are a sign of pregnancy.. I have some... but had my period this month ?

lisa - October 5 2:49pm

i'm sorry ladies but i have had those lumps since i was 17 so i can't see them as a pregnancy sympyom.

lesave - October 6 9:40pm

Have you taken a test yet?It sounds to me like you might have a urinary tract infection,but when I was pregnant I had large bumps around my b___st and also had skin tags which are little brown things that almost looks like a wart.Somtimes stress,exersise,or missed birth control pills can make you miss periods too.

bullet - October 7 3:12am

i think that you might be right.i'm going to the dr today to have everything checked out.i'll relieved when i go to the dr


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