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j. - February 11 4:12pm

Has anyone experienced a completely painless, odorless white clumpy discharge at around 8dpo and later got their BFP? I'm so concerned......thanks.

j. - February 15 11:29am

It's me again. I am now I believe 12dpo. I still have this painless, odorless white clumpy discharge. It does not appear on my panties, just when I feel for cm, it's all over my finger(sorry tmi). What in the world is this and how can I get rid of it? If anyone knows what this is, please reply to this post. Thanks so much ladies!!

j. - February 15 11:30am

I also read on the "twoweekwaiting" site from ladies' early symptoms that they did notice some clumpy discharge, but I'm wondering if this could be the same thing....

anoble - February 15 11:35am

i have a little bit of the white discharge and im at cd26 and 14dpo. but im mainly feeling 'wet', like i peed on almost like af is trying to show up. but no spotting either.

j. - February 15 12:21pm

Hi anoble. Is your white discharge clumpy or of lotion consistency? I had the lotiony look and feel first for a while then developed to this clumpy type. Are you experiencing any other symptoms? No spotting here either. But I've read that only 20-25% of women experiencing spotting of some sort....When are you going to test?

anoble - February 15 12:28pm

well j, the symptoms i have right now, im VERY queezy at the moment, no sore b___bs (im a 34d and they always hurt but not now), very wet like i said before, when i eat i feel like i have food stuck in my upper chest and when i burp it feels like its comming back up...very nasty. i have been getting headaches, but those went away too. and very very crampy. like af is here but not...strong pinching in my uterus area but that goes away too. but i havent had the for a few days. now just tired all the time.

Lin - February 15 1:25pm

Hi j. I've had this clumpy discharge you mention, and like you it was only when I felt for it. I'm not pregnant.

anoble - February 15 1:30pm

oh i still didnt answer your question, mine was more of a lotiony kind. i wanted to test tomorrow, but i think on my lunch break today i will test, thats if i can hold my pee until yeah new symptom, everytime i take a sip of water, i run to the bathroom with a full badder.

j. - February 15 1:43pm

Hi Lin. How did you get rid of this? Or did this just go away on it's own? Anyone else go through something similar?

Lin - February 15 1:59pm

It just went away. It wasn't big clumps or anything - just little tiny ones. I'm not sure if it was coagulated sperm or what. I definitely didn't have an infection or anything.

OutOfTheBlue - November 15 10:55pm

I know your question was dated for a long time ago but ive been expeiriencing the same sypmtoms as you. Can u tell me what happened?

jg-confused - December 14 7:50pm

I'm not certain what we are all experiencing here, but it might not be a bad idea to get a "screening test" and make certain it isn't an STD. I haven't had s_xual relations since my husband of 20 years walked out, and I have this same white clumpy, odorless discharge that seems to thrive near the cervix. I've been on every type of yeast infection cure for the last 8 months, without results! I've nearly starved myself to death trying not to eat anything that might feed the yeast! I am of the belief that it isn't a yeast infection! There is no chance that I am pregnant since I haven't been with a man in 2 years, unless imaculate conception is making a come back?

b__terfly kisses - December 14 7:58pm

omgosh i had something like this around 4-5 dpo combined with a spot of blood... i'm about 11 dpo now and still not showing a bfp but maybe it's coming :o) Babydust!

b__terfly kisses - December 14 7:59pm

ROFL i didn't know this was an old question... maybe I have a bit of baby brain...heheheheh... hoping!


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