Yeast Infection Right Before O What Do I Do Now

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izechsmama - January 29

God ladies.. just my luck... start coming down with a yeastie like a day before i'm supposed to O... we bedded yesterday.... and i'm due to O tomorrow and i'm doing opks so i'll know for sure one of these days.. but what do i do now? how am i supposed to ttc and treat a yeast infect? i was gonna call my dr and see if i can get a prescription for diflucan... the oral pill if its safe anyways.. i used to take that all the time if i got a yeastie.. cause the BC pills made me get yeasties something about too much progesterone for my body.. but anyways... any advice? i'm ticked.. this isnt working out good for me!!!


izechsmama - January 30



kristie h - January 30

Hi Izechsmama, try the diflucan pill form. At this stage you are not pregnant so i would say it is safe to take it. Also fragrant soap, tight pants, silk/satin under wear and baths can cause yeast infection. Good luck with ttc and lot of baby dust ~*~*~*~*~*~*~


DaBonkElsMe - January 30

Ugh!! This happened to me back before I was temping!! I used over the counter treatments to clear it up. but it made bding uncomfortable and I don't think we ended up hitting my O b/c I couldn't BD at the right time!!


izechsmama - January 30

yeah.. so far it hasnt developed... i think i could still bed very comfortably today all i have is the itching right now... hasnt developed completely... but i will call my dr and see if i cant get diflucan... she knows we are ttc... so should be easy... i just hope i O soon... its CD14 for me.... it should be coming up...


izechsmama - January 30

well.. we successfully bded without discomfort.. but i still feel some discomfort now... so i went ahead and said screw it and i did a 1 dose yeast treatment just otc kind... we are planning to bed again on Thursday and i'm hoping that ticonzonale or whatever it is that is in those doesnt kill spermies or cause problems.. i'm on cd 14 and last cycle i O'd on or about CD17.. so i dunno.. i guess if it screws up my chances it wasnt meant to be or i wouldnt have gotten a yeastie to begin with... does anyone know if it kills sperm or causes issues?


kristie h - January 31

I think a yeast infection in itself kills sperm so eaither way there is a high chance they might die. Try not to worry if you didnt get it cleared up this month it may come back next month.


izechsmama - January 31

thanks Gals.. ACtually i dont have a yeast infection.. i just found out that i have BV which is bacterial vaginosis... kinda is like a yeast infection.. except you wont have discharge and they sometimes can go away on their own... this explains what i had last month that i didnt end up having to treat... so i think i'm out for trying to get preggo.. i read that yeast and BV will not cause problems with concieving however BV can make v____al fluids very acidic and i myself see that as a really bad sign... so thanks for all the info... i appreciate it!


frozenfeet - January 31

did they give you meds to clear it up??? Or are they waiting for it go away on its own?


Amber #2 - January 31

izechsmama - BV has pretty much the same symptoms as a yeast infection, and yes the symptoms can go away on their own but if you don't get it treated, then it will likely come back again next month and so on and so forth. I really recommend either taking the v____al cream or oral supplements to get rid of it so you won't be in discomfort any longer! The longer you let it go on, the worst the symptoms will get and it will start burning and be very red and irritated. I would really try to get something to get it cleared up!


frozenfeet - January 31

I was under the a__sumption that it could go away on it's own, but most likely it won't because it's a bacteria and you'll need an antibiotic to clear it up....Metronidazole (Flagyl) is what I had to take. It was gone in like 2 days!!


izechsmama - January 31

normally yes they treat these with antibiotics.. i have had this infection once before but it was quite awhile ago and i didnt recognize the difference...there are alot of home remedies that work well and antibiotics unfortunately are not guaranteed to make it disapear... this has been hapening to me every month during a certain time of the month and then it goes away.. i've already started the home remedy and it seems to be working... i am going to see if i cant get rid of it before resorting to antibiotics only because my body reacts very odd to antibiotics and i can guarantee after the antibiotics i will have a yeast infection.. so before i go through that i'm gonna do what i read was the best to get rid of it and then you can take certain precautions to keep it gone... i'm not really in any discomfort right now.. just a little bit of itching.. didnt hurt to have s_x or anything like that.. so i'm not in a big rush just yet... my body is very sensitive and i dont want to pay for anything later on in the future if its gonna be worse... thanks for all the advice ladies!


izechsmama - January 31

oh and i meant to say that i have had this recurring for the last two cycles since my dr took my iud out.. and she gave me antibiotics to take and stupid me, didnt take them.. but at least i have them... :)



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