Yellow CM After Ovulation Normal Sign What

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babydreams - February 2

Hi Ladies! Warning TMI coming: I'm 9 DPO today, and at the beggining of my luteal phase, right after ovulation, I started getting a ton of yellow CM. Honestly, the stuff looked kind of snotty and stringy. Gross! It's subsided a bit in the past few days, but I'll still get a glob here and here plus it's noticeably YELLOW. Is this a sign of pregnancy? If anyone has any info on this I would really appreciate it!

Also, I saw some pinkish CM on the TP yesterday night. I'm not sure if it was IB or not ... it was onlya TINY bit, but enough to alert me to something.


bex - February 3

Hi, I have just posted under o`d early and advice appreciated - I think I o`d early but I have also been having big globs of yellow, stringly cm with a bit of clear and a bit of white. I bd on Monday which is a week before I am supposed to O according to Mymonthlycycles - i jsut felt I was O ing - do you think this is possible???


babydreams - February 3

It would be great to hear if anyone knows if this globby-type yellow cm is a preggo sign or not? Maybe it's just a normal luteal phase, pre-AF thing. Anyone out there gotten this before your BFP? Thanks!


babyluv - February 3

Hi babydreams. I had the yellow cm before my bfp. It almost looked like then you have a bad cold. Good luck!


babyluv - February 3

I meant to say that the cm looks like when you have a bad sorry for the typo.


lauren h - February 3

I am having the same thing, and symptoms of a cold, but feel fine! I hope its a sign!!!!!!!! Baby dust:~:~:~:~


sugar+spice - February 3

i had that yellow stuff a week before my period was due last month, and i still havent gotten my period or a + hpt. so im not sure either. i do however have a yeast infection, so maybe it was because of that.


babydreams - February 3

Thanks, gals! Hey, what else is interesting is the yellow cm has changed from being kinda globby/snotty (like a cold, gross), and now it's really watery (and sometimes I can't even tell I have any at all), with an occasional yellow glob. I'm 10 DPO today, and REALLY hoping I get my BFP this month. So far, no signs though really. Just an occasional pain/twinge in my tummy, but nothing else. No b___st pain either. BABY DUST TO YOU ALL!


babyluv - February 3

I had no signs either of being pregnant. That didn't some until I was around 6 weeks. Good luck to you all!!


babyluv - February 3

geez, I meant to type come....I need a


babydreams - February 3

Thanks babyluv, for the encouragement! I'm feeling positive about this month, for many reasons, but also because DH is being so sweet about everything. I think he senses something. : ) He was talking last night about how he doesn't want a lot of people holding our baby (he's already being protective, and I'm not pregnant yet!). How cute! Hey, I just went to bathroom, and noticed a bunch more of that yellow cm. I'm 10 DPO, so we'll see. I am soooo nervous and excited! : )


babyluv - February 3

wow babydreams, that sounds really promising. I can't wait for you to test. That cm was really my only sign. I just could never remember getting that color cm so late in my cycle before. I am very excited for you. I do remember that I had a couple dull headaches around 10 dpo that would come and go. They weren't bad enough to take Tylenol for they were just annoying. (and some crazy dreams but no b___st tenderness.


babydreams - February 3

Wow, really? Thanks so much. I HOPE this is going to be a good month for me. I'll keep you posted. Am planning to test at 12 DPO. Thanks! : )


SaraD - February 3

Well girls I had that yellowish cm and was really worried that I had an infection or something but I was just really pg.I am 7w now and still have it but not as much as I did after O.The pink could be B but I never had that so I don't know.Good luck and I hope you all get your BFPs!!!


babydreams - February 3

Thanks SaraD! A few other oddities this month: I'm feeling really cold (you would think that wouldn't be a preggo sign though), and I've had major acne breakouts (yuck!). Oh, and my temps are higher than usual (just by a few tenths of degree). Yesterday: 98.8. Today: 98.6 (10 DPO). : )


Stacey - February 3

I am going through the same things. I couldn't find a single other person on this site that had the same symptoms. This is amazing! I am not feeling anything else besides sore b___sts. Nothing excruitating, but tender to the touch. My head feels like it's swimming every now and then. When is your next AF due.? good luck to you Babydreams!!!!


sugar+spice - February 3

have you had a runny nose.. bleeding gums... feeling crampy... feeling fat to your stomach?



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