My Boyfriend Got Another Woman Pregnant Advice Needed

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mayanin - July 28

Hello everyone, 

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has gone through a situation like this. I was with my boyfriend of four years when his father got a tumor and had to go through major operation. He told me he had a lot of things on his plate so he decided he wanted to end things because he felt he needed to build a career and get his life together. I let him go because I understood no fuss or anything. A week later I see him with a new girl! I did not confront him. Four months pass and he ends up comig back to me telling me that he made a mistake that I was the best woman for him that he left me because he felt like we were at a point where we should get married he freaked out and decided to leave. We ended up hanging out and he let me know that he wanted to get back together. He was stepping up and I even helped him get a new job. I end up going to his house one day and I find a sonogram, he got that girl pregnant! I asked him to explain what happened. He said that they were together for around a month and they mutually decided to break up two months later she comes back and tells him she is pregnant. He told her to move in because it was the right thing to do. But I'm guessing since I came back into the picture she slowly started realizing that he was coming home late and therefore she decided to go back home to her mother. He also mentioned that she has diabetes. Not sure if it  was before she was pregnant of if she developed it. He spends almost everyday with me and feels bad about the situation because he does wish that it was me. At the beginning of the pregnancy she wanted to abort it but he does not believe in abortion so he told her not to that even his mother and him will take care of the baby. They are planning a baby shower and I find it odd that some of her stuff is still at her house even though she is never there. He says he wants to tell her about me after the baby is born which I know he will do. He says he is doing the baby shower becasue he is just playing the part. He has a small doubt that it is not his baby but we won't know until the DNA test. It is just kind of hard to think that after 4 years he was so careless to get someone else pregnant and I am not the one who gets to give him his first baby. My friend tells me that I should not look at that because he wants a family and home with me so that is what I try to look at to help me be strong. If anyone could give me some advice because I really can't talk to many people about it. Grandpa Viv looks like you got some good advice throughout this blog. Hope everyone is doing well.  


Wetly - August 9

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JuniaNoel4 - August 12

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