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spectre - May 3rd, 2005 11:59 PM

My girlfriend was on her period on saturday (04/30/05) but her period stopped the following day. She even missed school today. I'm really worried that she might be pregnant because though we didn't have sex, she did sit on my penis. I know she had a tampon on, but can a tampon block semen?

Your pretty small - May 4th, 2005 1:04 AM

If she sat on your dick with a tampon on, your small. There is no possible way that your dick could have gotten in her. Find a different fourm.

Oh my - May 4th, 2005 1:20 AM

Now for the answer that you need. Not a rude one. If you didnt come, and you didnt have sex. then no... shes not pregnant... from that session atleast

night nurse - May 4th, 2005 5:23 AM

There can be semen on your penis even if you don't ejaculate. The likelyhood of her being pregnant is very slim, though. Just remember any contact the vagina has with a penis can result in pregnancy. Good luck!

Audrey - May 4th, 2005 9:48 AM

Spectre- A tampon does not block semen. If you plan to have your penis anywhere near a girl's vaginal area, wear a condom. The chance of her becoming pregnant is always there, but it's much higher during days 9-16 of her cycle.

Autumn - May 6th, 2005 7:37 PM

Yall little kids on here obvisly dont know shit bout sex, so if yah wanna fool around, just stick to the fingers.

hmmmmmm - May 6th, 2005 9:22 PM

. She had on a tampon and you were able to insert yourself inside of her? R u sure she had a tampon on

:)(: - May 7th, 2005 1:50 PM


kimi - May 12th, 2005 1:51 PM

thanks , u made my day!
u're so cute and hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave - August 10th, 2005 2:11 AM

me and my girlfriend were fooling around and a little bit of semen got on her vagina (but not on entry point) she had a tampon in, and was on her period, towards the end when it was really dry, is it possible she could have gotten pregnant?

spectre - August 10th, 2005 3:32 AM

Hey Dave, I wouldn't worry too much about it. My girlfriend turned out ok, she just got sick for some reason. What I did was to see if any of the pregnancy symptoms were present in her. You can find the weekly symptoms chart thing online through google. Just be cool and everything will turn out ok. I know that's probably not the answer you're looking for, but just know that you won't find a true definite answer until you speak with a doctor or something. Worry about pregnancy after a month, since most symptoms don't show up until then anyway. Just know next time, use a condom because anytime semen gets in contact with the vagina, there is always a chance, no matter how small, of getting pregnant.

Hope that helps, and best of luck to you.


Jbear - August 11th, 2005 12:26 AM

Don't have sex while you have a tampon in, even if it is possible. Having sex while you have a tampon won't prevent pregnancy, and can increase the chances of getting toxic shock syndrome.


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