Can You Pregnant Off Of Pre Nut

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Tiffany - April 24

I had s_x yesterday sat. he didnt put it in all the way all i know he got up real fast we didnt use protection and i asked why you stop?and i felt down there and it was pre-nut clear stuff and he's only the 2nd person i sleeped with i recently lost my virginity in march can you get pregnant off of pre-nut?


Amanda - April 24

YES you can if you are fertile. Pre c_m is the most potent c_m.


Know your facts! - April 24

Yes you can get pregnant off of pre c_m. Always use a condom to protect agaisnt stds and pregnancy. 2 people in one month is too fast. Take your time and get to know the person. You will thank me later. Good luck



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