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guardofparadise - April 28 7:17pm

Ok, I've looked and looked for an answer to my and my girlfriend's specific situation, but can't find anything. My girlfriend and I have just started being intimate, though we haven't technically had intercourse, I'd rub my p__s in and around only the opening of her va___a. I"ve been extremely careful with her and haven't ever ejaculated on or near her va___a, so I haven't been really worried about anything, but recently she's been worrying about being pregnant from my pre-c_m, and she's got me to start worrying too. Technically she's still a virgin because her hymen is still intact ("cherry" has not been "popped"). I know that even if having penetrative s_x, the chances of becoming pregnant from pre-c_m are low since there is a very minimal amount of sperm in it, so my question would be, "What would the chances be of her becoming pregnant by pre-c_m knowing that we've never had penetrative s_x and also that she's still a virgin?"

E586467 - April 28 7:24pm

Even though the chances are low, it is still possible. If you really don't want to get her preg keep your p___s well away from her v____a. Or use condoms when your messing around. She might like to consider using some form of birth control (like the pill) so if an accident happens (& trust me they do, lol) at least you'll be covered (hopefully).

AddysMummy - April 28 7:38pm

The chances are VERY slim but still there.

mama4andmore - April 28 9:14pm

The chances are low, however there will be at some point it sounds like you all will have s_x. To avoid any worries and concerns as well as for good practice always use protection while "messing around" There are far worse things than pregnancy to catch. So avoid any risks always use a condom!

Grandpa Viv - April 28 10:19pm

Just so you know, where menstrual fluids can get out, sperm can get in. If perchance you should ejaculate in her v____a, cherry or no, the chance of pregnancy would not be much less than full unprotected intercourse. Your s_xual experiments are going to progress to full intercourse. Learn about the fertile window, and discuss a foolproof plan to avoid pregnancy - two methods in conjunction. Good luck!

guardofparadise - April 29 12:46am

Grandpa Viv, I've seen your comments on this site about many different issues and you seem to know what your talking about. What percent chance would you say getting pregnant by pre-jaculatory fluid would be (not s____n)? I've heard that there really shouldn't be any sperm in pre-jaculate unless you don't urinate to rinse out the remaining of the last ejaculated sperm.

tina10362 - May 1 1:43pm

ummm.... just b/c her cherry hasnt popped DOES NOT mean shes a virgin... your p___s has been inside of her, neither of yall are virgins

Grandpa Viv - May 1 1:46pm

Your chance this go-around is next to nothing. Start worrying about the next time, not the last. Good luck!

amanda17 - May 1 5:30pm

Tina, he said there was no penetration, they are both virgins... Just risky virgins.

devilmaycry - March 6 11:08am

guardofparadise .. I see your post is very old, i've been through the same situation lately and i wanted to know if there was any case of pregnancy ?

Grandpa Viv - March 6 4:10pm

Devil, I doubt they are following this thread any more. For the record, I know a woman who got pregnant without having penetrative s_x. If a guy has ejaculated in the recent past or is about to ejaculate, the tip of his p___s does not need to be anywhere near a moist v____a. The chance of any one incident leading to pregnancy is low, but if the incident is repeated often enough the odds change.


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