Depressed And Pregnant

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*Amber* - February 16

I'm 17, and I just found out on valentines day I'm pregnant. I knew my mom wasn't going to be to pleased when she found out, but I definately didn't think she'd act as she is now. My bf and I told her on the 15th *yesterday*.. and she's talked to my bf about the situation and told him it was up to us to decide what we want to do. She told us she wanted me to have an abortion and I refused.. and my bf told me it was my choice, but now I'm so depressed. She called to ask me something and I said I love you and she refuses to say it back. It's like she doesn't want to even talk to me. It's depressing me and making me stress. If anyone would like to talk to me and just become friends during this time please email me at: [email protected]


Mama Chell - February 16

Sweety, don't worry about your mom, she will come around. Why don't you invite her to one of you dr appts? Have her listen to that precious baby's heartbeat. She will melt. You have to understand though, you are her baby girl and are expecting...that's rough. Its hard to think about, she probably just wants what is best for you and thinks that she failed. Just let her know this isn't her fault and you are still going to be everything she ever hoped you would be. Make her proud...continue your education if thats what you want (school is practically paid for if you are an unwed mother). Take every opportunity that comes your way and know that she does love you, she is just worried that you screwed up the rest of your life.


KM - February 17

Give her some time. She was out of line to tell you she would like you to get an abortion. It is a personal decision. No one should ever pressure or force you into making that choice if it is not for you. remember you are responsible for either decision you make and you have to live witht he consequences not your mother. Do not even consider what she would do while making your choice. Do it for yourself and no one else. Also( a bit of advice :p), don't fool yourself in thinking you will get things paid for because you are a mother. If you are still with the baby's biological father, especially if you are living with him. you are common law, and treated as a married couple. Don't depend on welfare and government a__sistance to raise your child, you wont get hardly anything.Just something to think about.


tiffani - February 17

Hang in there. I bet your mom is disappointed, but she will come around. She's new to this too. She loves you, even if she's a bit upset. Pregnancy not only changes your life, it also changes you families life, who will have to help support this baby. After she's adjusted to what's happened, I bet she'll help you figure out your situation. If you are against having a abortion, then stand by your beliefs. Consider all your options, but try to understand where you mom may be coming from. She loves you, I promise. In the mean time, if I can help you in any way, just ask! :o) Take Care.


Adryanna - February 18

Well i am 17 and i am pregnant and found out yesterday the 17th of this month and i am totally scared. about the abortion thing i suggest you don't give in to your mom because why kill something your going to love and that is your own flesh and blood. my mom freaked but all in all she's my support and told me it was up to me. if you want this baby do what you feel is right. well you can write me an become my friend if you'd like. Adryanna


Adryanna - February 18

My E-mail is [email protected]



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