Do Yall Think Im Preggers

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Crystal B - March 7

Hi, okay I have been ttc since the begining of the year and maybe (hopefully) this month is my month tell me what yall think...My last period was Feb 2, 2006 I O'd on the 20th and tried on the 17th, 18th, 20th, 21st, 22nd. Recently I have been having either sore nipples or sore br___t that comes and goes. Usually I would just have slightly sore nipples that slowly goes away around af comes. I have a lot of side cramps, And since march 2 my stomach has been sore, like its sore when i cough of sneeze. and one night it felt like i did 100 situps, and sometimes it feels like im on my period. And Oh, march 3rd i had a dream that i was sleeping in bed and my b/f pushed his hand down on my stomach, and my stomach hurt so bad i moaned in pain which woked me up and my stomach felt kindof wierd. My period was due today March 6 but it hasnt come yet..Do yall think that i could be pregnat?


Kay - March 7

Simple ......... take a test !


Crystal B - March 7

G..Thanx I didnt think of THAT one


frankschick2001 - March 7

Crystal, your response to Kay was sarcastic. What do you think you are going to hear?? NO ONE here can tell you if you are pregnant.


Crystal B - March 7

i didnt ask if i was..i posted my question to see if anyone THOUGHT it SOUNDED like i was..after a while i dont know what to believe.bc I want it so bad and i dont know if it sounds like it is to me in my own head... i wanted someone else opinion. of course i knew to take a test. I have a apointment tomorow.


jg - March 7

Crystal it does sound like you could possibly be pregnant, but like Kay said the only way you will know for sure is to do a test. Reason is that just about every symptom of pregnancy is the same symptoms of getting your period, so it can be really confusing and misleading. As you probably know, not every woman ovulates on the 14th day of their 28 day cycle. Some women have longer or shorter cycles, and so dates aren't always accurate in being able to determine whether someone is pregnant or not. So, sorry but you'll only know for sure if you do a test. Let us know how you go.


Grandpa Viv - March 7

You had plenty of exposure in prime time, the nipples part sounds familiar, and the situps post is one we hear every now and then. The "on my period" piece probably comes from unusual "clear or lotion discharge" that some call "running to the bathroom thinking AF ......". How about tired, peeing more, upset tummy, emotional, appet_te, smell and taste changes, runny nose, acne or any of the other signs? You could probably test Saturday morning first pee with some hope of success. Good luck!


Crystal B - March 8

grandpa viv, thanx for your advice, yes i have been VERY emotional lately. my smell and taste are pretty much the same..i do have a lil skin break out.. and i drink alot of liquids so i think that is the reason why i do use to bathroom alot. and im always been a good eater. but it seems like i eat with more pa__sion for food. lol....i love it...i was supossed to go to the docs over slept..oops. do u think that i can test before saturday and get a right answer? today makes 16dpo and im 2 days late for af...



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