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AddysMummy - July 1

Alrighty, after my wonderful weekend and such, I'm back XP yayy. Went out somewhere nice to eat, watched fireworks, spent me and hubby time, went to the armory, just did a whole bunch of nice things had a BBQ at home.. lots. But anyways, now onto my question. Addy has a little bit of a rash that wont go away. I've googled it and the only thing I can think of is that it's a yeast rash. Is there something I can grab that is over the counter or do I have to take her to the doctor? A lot of websites were saying doctor a lot saying over the counter. X_X Don't know which to trust !


Teddyfinch - July 1

you could always try a hydrocortisone cream. they have it at walmart. i used to get a rash on my hand and would use that and it would go away.


durante baby - July 1

Is it a posibility it could be shingles? I would try oatmeal baths and topical creams...mabey some cetaphil too..that stuff all works great


AddysMummy - July 2

I think I'm going to try some over the counter stuff... it just seems to NOT want to go away at all. I'll put ointment, I'll let her dry out.. change her righhttt away. It's getting to a point where I am going to go to the pharmacist and ask him/her what ointment there is for this rash. >< And it hurts her poor little b___t to be wiped so I have to wash out the wipes before I change her otherwise she cringes and cries :( It makes me so sad!


RylansMommy - July 2

I don't know ...because I cant see it but it sounds like a heat rash. Alot of kids get them in the summer. *Just a guess*


britt_m - July 2

I'd take her to the doc, they'll probably prescibe something either way, if it is yeast or not. Just because its not going away. If you can't take her soon then I would try the hydrocortisone cream. The best is to leave her run nude as much as possible, I'm not talking 5 minutes until shes dry after a change but like an hour or longer. The longer she has to air-dry the better. If it is yeast, it thrives on warm, moist areas and most other rashes the moisture and acid in the urine is the culprit. I hope she feels better soon, good luck!


amanda17 - July 2

If it were me I'd try something over the counter and if it doesn't work take her to the doctor. Unless she is particularly miserable, then I'd take her straight to the doctor. Poor Addy, I hope she feels better. Let us know how everything works out!


AddysMummy - July 2

Um Mrs.Ugly fatty, I don't have a rash rofl. My daughter does. Nice try though. And I'm not fat like you are :) I'm only 115 lbs 120 TOPS but hey, like I said, nice try. Oh and sorry but in my entire life I've only ever been physical with TWO get this TWO men. So not a whore neither. Stop projecting your pitiful little life onto me :) So maybe you dumb old b___h put on your gla__ses and learn how to read. I DO NOT have a RASH. I have a few mosquito bites but that's it. MY DAUGHTER, ADDY ( see how the name says ADDYS MOMMY) has a rash because according to the pharmacist it was most likely from her trying a new food that irritated her. But to everyone else, I think it just may be a heat rash, not 100% sure but she never had it when we had the air set at 72 lol. But now since my husband is home he loves it nice and ... medium. Bleh I hate it! XD But I deal with it. I love to sit in my house with a blanket and that.. he loves the shorts and tee shirt thing. So oh well. Also it might have been because I made tortellini's the other day and gave her a few. Not 100% sure but I have some cream to put on her.


Teddyfinch - July 3

mesherzog: why bother saying an insult and then following it with an apology. what a weak b___h you are lol. in case you haven't noticed, we go after people who ask stupid a__s questions like "omg i had s_x with no condom and i might be pregnant. what do i do??!!" that's a dumb a__s question. asking for a home remedy for a problem is not. get over yourself. lol and look at you trying to teach someone a lesson. what a funny little dyke you are.


bellybubble - July 3

Wow Mrsherzog for someone who says "it is not in my nature to play this game" you certainly do a lot of it. And it makes you feel bad to do it? I doubt that. Just let it go already!


mrsherzog - July 3

You're right, after I read the post, I realized I had read it incorrectly. I apologize and hope your daughter finds relief soon. Just goes to show how miserable I am at attempting to be mean to someone...it usually backfires...it must be something a person must perfect.


AddysMummy - July 3

Well yay Addys "rash" seemed to go away a lot today. We've been using Desitin. How does DESITIN make it go away but the nice stuff that usually makes all of her rashes go away DOESN'T work ??? Blah!


amanda17 - July 3

At least it's going away! Hey I have a random question, is Addy short for something?


AddysMummy - July 3

Yeah, I'm just puzzled as to HOW it's going away XD And Addy IS short for something :3 I wanted to name her Addison, husband didn't like that name. So I said, "Can we keep Addy at least?" and he picked out the name "Adriana" so yay for us. Lol.


amanda17 - July 3

Aw Adriana is a pretty name! Have you thought of any names for the new addition yet?


AddysMummy - July 3

I have thought of LOTS it's just a matter of convincing my husband lol!


amanda17 - July 3

I was the same way with Ellie. I wanted her to have a name we both liked, but he was always indifferent toward everything. I spent hours and hours scrolling through baby name websites trying to find the perfect fit..haha. When I came up with the name Elizabeth Rae I asked him if he liked it and he said yes, so I said "Good, because it's such a pretty name I would have given it to her even if you hated it" :D



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