HELP I Got My Period Does That Mean I Am NOT Pregnant

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kaitty - August 4

My period is extremely irregular. My last period was probably around a month ago but my period before that was six months ago so I can never know when to expect my next period. I have been getting that checked with doctors but I recently started having s_x with my boyfriend. We are in our late teens and are very careful to keep his fluids away from me and we use condoms. However, the last time we had s_x, Friday July 24, the condom broke. He noticed something felt different and he said he pulled out less than five minutes after he felt the difference but I'm sure it doesn't take much time to have a chance of getting pregnant. I started to worry a lot but didn't tell anyone but the first night after that I felt extremely nauseous (but I was already not feeling too well that day). A day or two after that, my br___ts started to feel really tender (extremely sensitive to pressure and started to hurt when I lay even very gently on them) so I started googling about tender br___ts and I learned that it could be a sign that my period was coming on. Now, Monday August 3, I got my period after about two days of spotting. Does this period mean that I am not pregnant? Do I have anything to worry about? I know I need a pregnancy test to be very sure, but generally, does this mean I am NOT pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - August 4

Generally a woman feels that a normal period means that she is not pregnant. In your case, s_x ten days before your period was fixing to come was not in your fertile window. Signs starting the day after s_x are not related to pregnancy from that encounter - it generally takes the best part of a week for signs to start. Take a test next weekend to be sure. Consider using v____al spermicide (foam, film or insert) as backup against condom breakage. Read up on the signs of ovulation so you can better determine when that is happening - a period follows 2 weeks later. Good luck!



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