How Can I Terminate This Pregnancy Without Abortion

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annabell - July 21

how can i terminate this pregnancy without an abortion? i've considered punching my stomach and drinking alcohol. i dont know what to do!! help me please!!!!


PreciousBaby19 - July 21

I'm not going to answer you..if you want to kill your child that bad..then just get the abortion...its the same thing..except you have the doctors to get the baby out...I really have nothing more to say to this...Its just not right..Talk to your parents.


BabyGirl15 - July 21

God!! You need help. Punching your stomach will do nothing. Drinking will only end you up with a special needs hard to handle child. Have you thought about adoption? Please dont do anything stupid! If you need to talk to someone theres help telephone lines and something called unplanned parenthood. Does anyone know your pregnant? How old are you?


KiyanisMummy - July 21

why do you want an abortion? the way that you said that just sounded sick? what is your reason for wanting to terminate the pregnancy? do you wanna tell us about your situation so we can help you with other options???


lil-miss-saunders - July 21

This is the sort of post that really makes me angry! As someone who has suffered two terrible miscarriages i cannot see how someone would go as far as punching themselves in the stomach to kill their unborn child! That is YOUR baby, what on earth would make you want to do that! As BabyGirl15 said, drinking could cause your baby to be born with special needs! I dont like the idea of an abortion and would personally never have one but in this case it looks like its the best thing for that poor child! You could give the baby up for adoption but then theres the risk of you stupidly trying to harm the baby inside of you again! THINK about what the hell you are doing!


Ky_la_02 - July 21

WTF is your problem? That's sick. You're sick. How could you ever think about doing that to YOUR baby?! YOU made the stupid mistake you did, WHY does YOUR baby have to take the consequenses???? You've made me mad. Do yourself a favor and call this number:1-888-4-OPTIONS. And then don't come back here unless you've had a SERIOUS change of heart.


HeavenisMine - July 21

I hate abortion plain and simple, and by any other name I would call it murder, and I will never help another in murdering a baby. I imagine this thread is probably fake, but in either case you're still quite sick minded....perhaps get some professional help? Just a suggestion.


o0LiLy0o - July 21

Hey annabell, How come you want to have an abortion? How old are you? What happened to you that you cant have this child? Can we here a more detailed story? Most of us get frustrated with posts like this. But if we know your situation, we can most likely try to help you in the proper manner. Trying to drink or punch yourself could harm you. Alcohol usually just makes a babies brain damaged. Punching yourself would probably just damage your insides. Babies survive many things. There have been women that have fallen big falls and have been fine. You would probably just bruise something inside of you and it will hurt like hell the next day. Babies survive many things. There are ppl that smoke crack and can still give birth to a child. Abortion is the best way to get rid of a baby, but I would still like to know why you want to do this? Why have you not considered keeping this baby?


billsgirl - July 21

im sorry girls, but this seems like a fake post. sounds to me like someone was very bored and wnats to get things started. please dont fall for this c___p!


Grandpa Viv - July 21

Abortion is defined as termination of pregnancy, no matter how it is done. Few girls want to terminate pregnancy when they first learn of it, so I a__sume the circ_mstances here are pretty awful. You have my sympathy, and I apologize for the judgmental remarks of others. Termination by any means other than the established medical procedures is dangerous to your life. Call 1-800-230-PLAN for your nearest Planned Parenthood in the USA. Good luck!


aideen - July 21

I actually cant believe you would come on this site and be so god there are plp out there who have been trying for kids and cant have u just have to be so selfish askin a terrible question like that..ever hear of ADOPTION


Aya - July 22

I not only think you are fake, but to lie about that is disgusting. You are just an attention seeker, and a horrible one at that. I think you're a disgusting person to lie about such a thing, and karma will come back and bite you in the a55!


Lexa - July 22

Hear hear, Grandpa Viv. I couldn't agree more and I applaud you. The girl who started this thread needs to seek professional help and as far as the majority of other replies: Get over yourselves, stop forcing your opinions on other people and remember that EVERY woman has the right to decide for herself what she feels is best in her particular circ_mstance. You should be ashamed of yourselves. And I don't care if the post is fake or not. Your replies obviously show no respect whatsoever for other people's personal views.


Lexa - July 22

And oh yeah, before you all start bashing me now: I never had, nor would I ever contemplate, an abortion. But I am a strong believer in people's personal freedom and would never judge them for doing something they felt was right. And that is something that comes with age.


PreciousBaby19 - July 22

Lexa, To me honestly. I think everyone has the right to choose, because its their life and we dont know anything. I personally would not get an abortion, however, I think they are trying to say the way shes trying to terminate is sick. And yea it could have been said better, but she needs to get help...we all agree. She should just get the abortion if she wants to kill her baby that bad. Or at least get someone to help her..I dont think some of the comments were judgemental..and I dont think they were trying to push their veiws..i believe they were giving their opinion..and telling her that punching her stomach will do nothing and alchohol will just give her a specail needs baby...they are more upset with the way she said that she wanted to terminate...i dont actually think its really the termination they are upset about....Its the way she said it that upset everyone...And It doesn't matter how old you are...some things can be learned earlier by different people...I think you need to stop telling people to grow up...yes they said some angry things..but if your such a strong believer in personal choice and opinions of others....then why are you bashing their opinion now. Some of these women did give her advice which could lead to a place to get help. Anyway, I'm in no way Bashing you just trying to give you another point of veiw. Thats pretty much it. I'm probably going to stay out of this thread.


durante baby - July 22

I personally think we have a troll on our hands, but if not....i applaude grandpa viv and Lexa....they said all that need to be said


pfcwife - July 22

stop being judgemental.. not every one thinks haveing a kid in teenage years is right for them.. leave her alone it is her body.. i am sick an tired of people judgeing other for what they want to do.. the teenagers you want to be an adult to choose your decision on having your baby well be adult to let other choose what they want



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