How Does Plan B Affect Your Next Period

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Hermitage - September 12

My cycle usually comes around the 10th I had sex on the 22nd and the condom broke I took a plan b pill a hour or two later on the 22nd now it's the 12th and my cycle isn't here my b::bs are swollen and I get very mild cramps  every now and then I took a home pregnancy test yesterday and it came back negative should I be worried 


Grandpa Viv - September 15

Plan B often delays your next period. The chance of pregnancy is fairly low. Just wait it out. You could run another test a week after the last just to be sure.

Condoms don't break unless they were past their use by date, improperly stored or used with the wrong kind of lubricant. Buy your own supply. You should be able to put your fist inside one without breaking it.


KGreig23 - March 17

My Bf and I had sex 5 times from Feb 10th to Feb 12th without protection. He pulled out but I know there are always chances of pre-cum. On the 15th, he requested that I take plan B, which would have been past the 72 hour window, but i agreed and took it anyway. Before i took it, i started spotting which I thought was the beginning of my period. My period was due on the 18th, so I thought it was just 3 days early. For 3 days it was very light and salmony/pink in color and was spotty. The last day of it it was lightly brown. 2 weeks later i started cramping and my nipples were very sore. I figured i was abou to get my period. I took 2 pregnancy tests from the dollar store about a week and a half ago and they were negative. It's not March 17th, and im 2 days late. My breasts are tender, and im having like twingly/pinchy muscle aches in my pelvic/ovary area. Should I be concerned for pregnancy or no?  


Romes101 - March 20

My period was February 4-8. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on the 10th and 11th. I took the morning after pill on the 11th. On the 19th of February I had a period that lasted the five days. I did not get my regularly scheduled period on March 4th. My boyfriend and I had sex on March 5th and 8th. He pulled out in time. It's now March 20th. I'm having very light bleeding. It only really shows when I wipe. It's so light that I'm only using a liner and there's barely anything on it. Should I be worried? 


jing_yang1 - March 30


after unprotected sex, i took plan-b tabs 4 time in 5 month duration. I took a toll over my body. My cycle got scrwed up and gave my pregancy symptoms. I panicked and thought I was pregnat. Turns out they are all side effects of plan-b. I had pain in my lower abdomen, dizzines, nausia, sore teeth. which are also symptoms for pregnancy. so after couple of week, i had my period and things became normal. Do not panic untill you havea confimed pregnancy test . Seems like symptoms for plan-b and pregnance are similar. At lease in my case.


danirami89 - March 26

Any update on symptoms or tests you have taken?


danirami89 - March 27

Hello. I spent most of yesterday reading every single post on this thread looking for answers only to get my period this morning. So I figured I'd post my experience in case anyone wondering/freaking out would find this useful.

I was on birth control for 7 years straight for hormones and breakouts but decided to go off in October 2017 due to the terrible migraines I had been dealing with. In November I decided to take plan b to cover my bases (and had taken it before years ago) and didn't have any weird reactions to it. My period came a little later than expected but I thought that was because my body was still adjusting to going off of birth control. Flash foward to February 16th 2018 when I decided to taken another plan b (yes, I know it's terrible) but it was again to cover my bases because we weren't sure if the condom we used was 100% (had some issues with it). About a week later I got a 3 day period, which was 2 weeks ahead of time. With that I thought my cycle reset and that was the start of a new cycle. So my next period was supposed to arrive on March 21st and on March 17 had unprotected sex (just pull out method) thinking I was in the clear of the fertile window since my cycle had reset. I also got all my regular pre-period symptoms (breakouts, insatiable hunger, high libido,etc.) but come the 21st and nothing happens. Now I wasn't too worried at this point because ever since going off of BC my period date fluctuated. Then on the 25th I thought I got my period because I had some brown/pink coloration on a panty liner and when I wiped but it wasn't every single time I went to the bathroom and was ever so faint. At first I was so happy and excited but then when I looked this up online it said it could be implantation bleeding, which would fit the timeline of my last sexual activity. I started FREAKING OUT to the point where I was giving myself chest pain and then thinking it was breast tenderness. This lasted until the end of the 26th so i was so sure it was implantation bleeding, even though based on the timing of my last period the timing doesn't fit. I searched and searched online to confirm that when i got that early period induced by the morning after pill my cycle was reset. I even started a chat with planned parenthood but could not find/get a straight answer anywhere. I called my gyno, no response. So I took a pregnancy test that came up negative, but again if it really was implantation bleeding it would be too early to tell on a pregnancy test. I was under so much stress I couldn't work and didn't know how I was going to make it another week wondering and waiting until I could take a clear test. In the end, I got my full blown period on the 27th (today). Moral of the story - MAP 100% messes up your cycle/system. If it induces your period to come even weeks early that is probably (I'm no doctor) your legit period (if period-like and not just spotting) and your cycle is "reset" so that is cd1. And just like many of the other posts here it's not uncommon for your second period after plan b to be late. Hope this helps!



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