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EMiLy - December 17

hi i am emily. i was with my boyfirend and we went a little to far. ugh i cant believe this. and he stuck it in me for like 5 seconds and it was my first time ever! and i am not sure if he came. could i be pregnet.? what are some signs i could look for in the next few weeks or days please help me and thank you soo much for reading this i really could use your help i am a stright A student and i got to skip a grade and i can NOT have this right not please help me! thanx! much love! EMiLY


Yvette - December 17

i think u should take a pregnancy test to make sure that u r not pregnant.


EMiLY - December 17

when should i take it becuz i am not sure if i am getting me period or if i already had it soo yeah i am just really SCARED! ugh yeah well thanx for your help much love EmIlY


addy - December 17

Honey I really don't think you have much to worry about it usually takes the average couple about a year before they get pregnant. me and boyfriend had straight s_x everyday if not once it was two or three times a day. and we have recently got pregnant. so I dont think should stress out or start buying diapers or anything just give it a little while. Also since you are being s_xually active now maybe this little scare will make you want to be on birth control or use a condom or to be fool proof both something every teen should ask there selfs is if I had a baby tommorow could I take care of it. Keep in touch my email [email protected]


t - December 17

If this is for real, wait for your period to start and if it doesn't, get a preegnancy test.


C - December 17

it's just your mind. you'll get ur period just wait.


EMiLy - December 17

thanx guys for your help i am never doing that stuff again until i am married and ready i have learnd my lesson!! thanx a lot E-mail me sometime [email protected] much love and thanx EmiLy


CM - December 18

in response to what "addy" said...you shouldnt be giving people the wrong idea saying that it take the average couple a year to get pregnant without protection. You can get pregnant ANYTIME you have s_x unprotected. I got pregnant after only being off birth control for one month. The LAST thing teenagers need to hear is that they can have unprotected s_x for a year and not worry. Everyone is different, some people like me are more fertile and it takes no time at all. ALWAYS use protection if you dont want a baby or diseases!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Beck - December 18

hey hunny. i really dont think you have anything to worry about. but if its still bothing you then right here beside these forums, in the "Pregnancy Topics" blue box, it had a topic called "Am I Pregnant?" go there and inside that box there will be a blue t_tle that says sines of Pregnacy. go in there and check that out. i know exactly how you feel, and im soo scared myself but i think everything will be ok. and if you still not convinced go get a pregnancy tester for home. i didnt_t and got lucky with a negitive. do you test about 10-15 days after s_x for a good solid result. that all i got sweet hear, GOOD LUCK:D if you wanna kep in touch here's my e-mail... [email protected]


Danielle - January 23

To what CM said, that's a good point, I got pregnant after being off of birth control for 2 days. Emily, it's ok to have s_x but just get your boyfriend to wear condom and if you're really super worried, go on the pill too and don't get so stressed out, you'll only find that it makes time go slower therefore, longer till you get your period. You could even stress yourself out so much that you don't get your period, I've done it before, then when I found out I wasn't pregnant and that it was only stress, I went out of town for a few days to relax (after beating a guy up at work for good reasons) and it came back.



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