Im 17 And Want A Baby

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whitnee - February 21

Im goin crazy it seems every time i turn around i see happy married people havin kids. ive always wanted a baby but when i was older but all of a sudden i just got it in my head i have to have a baby and now. i love my boyfriend with all my heart and he wants a baby too but a year ago i lost my leg from my mid calf down and im not sure if i could handle carrin a baby. please help


$weetne$$ - February 21

losing your leg would not be any reason for you not to carry a baby, but ur age is a reason to wait, at least wait until your i your 20's, or if u want a baby so badly, start saving from now, and if u save for 2/3 years, u'll be at a more mature age and have the money to support the child. You would also be able to see how strong ur r'ship was with your bf and if your not living on ur own yet, and still living with your parents, this would be the time to get ur life in order. Good luck


jenny - February 22

dont have a baby!!!!!!!!! you will regret it. hell, you arent even married yet. think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


anna - February 22

hey hun, i wanted a kid sooo bad when i was 16 now im 17 and i just found out that im preg and 5 weeks.. i am soo scared i thought before i got preg, oh yeah ill have a baby and it will love me and ill get to be with my baby's daddy. But it doesnt happen that way. Its so hard being a pregnant teen and still in school. Gurlie i felt the same way, im just sayin think long and hard about it. Are u really ready for one???


chris - February 23

Babies aren't THAT expensive, it has cost us about 50 - 100 dollars a month..... (if you're b___stfeeding) the bigger issue is what sort of family situation do you want to offer your child. Love is a feeling, and if you look at how many couples split up, you can see that it tends to come and go. Of course, ideally love is an action, that lasts through thick and thin. I don't know what happened to the ideal of marriage, but if your man is willing to say vows to you, and make you his wife........ then start thinking about children after the wedding. You'll both probably be alot more stable, and you can give your children a daddy that's not going to run away. I mean most of our parents were married, why should it be any different now! I'm young too, and married, and have a one year old. Life is awsome!


ps - February 23

You'll do fine carrying your baby. Your leg won't be a problem


LiAnNe - February 23

hya i am in the same positions as Whitnee, and i would love to talk to you about it so if you can e mail me at [email protected] gud luck xxxxxxx


jerrinice - March 3

hi ya read ur message and i really want a baby to, i'm 17 as well. but anyway i think you should go for it dont let it be a problem i say go girl xx


Donna swinson - June 21

I don't think that you should let your leg stop you. But I also think you should never give up! Think positive and do whats best for you.


gina - June 21

hey, i too am 17 and i really want to get pregnant. However, i've been thinking about it for a year now and i've decided to wait another year and see wat my opinion is. I've also decided to wait a year because i'll be finished school next june. I want to make sure i can support my baby, not to mention support myself at the same time. I hope everything works out for you whitnee, i'm sure that u'll make a great mother no matter wat ur age or setbacks that life gave you! And also, if ur man stayed by u after u lost ur leg, he sounds like a keeper to me.


to maggie - June 21

Maggie that is horrible!!!! My god!!!! I can't even speak there are no words to explain you!!!!


kayla - June 21

hey whitnee... im 17 and about ready to deliver my first baby. the best advice anyone can give you is to really think about how much that baby will change your life. my pregnancy was completely unexpected, as we used condoms and i was on the pill, but my baby's daddy is stickin by me. just think long and hard about the fact that you shouldnt just want a baby for yourself, you have to be sure that you are ready to have someone rely on you fully, and hopefully you will make a good decision. whichever way you go, to get pregnant or not, is up to you, and there are plenty of people who will run their mouyths, but even more who will respect the fact that you are mature enought to have a baby. and dont worry about your leg. i ahve a bad heart, and am handling it just fine, and im sure you will too. Good luck!!


To maggie - June 22

i dont typically judge teens on having babies b.c most of the time its an accident-even tho i believe you should at least wait until you're 17 to have s_x-however, that is VERY disappointing, 12 yrs old and almost 4 babies. I would like to know WHY you would want to have kids? You do realize they will be starting school even before you graduate? You could be a sister. I really hope your mom and dad take care of them for you while you are still learning yourself.



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