Is It Possible To Get Pregnant From A Little Bit Of Sperm

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ddy - March 26

Is it possible to get pregnant from a little bit of sperm one or two weeks before your period start?


Grandpa Viv - March 26

Two weeks before your period starts is about when the egg comes (ovulation). Only one sperm is needed to fertilize the egg, and there are millions in a drop of s____n. When is your period due? Do you have some early preg signs?


ddy - March 26

Is there a difference between two weeks before i start my period & two weeks after my period? I'm not sure when my period is due. My last period was on feb. 7 & i had unprotected s_x on march 15. & no, i haven't got any prenancy signs.


Grandpa Viv - March 26

Did you mean March 7th, or are you 3 weeks late? There is only a difference if your regualar cycle is not 28 days. a__suming your cycle is 28 and your last period started March 7th, ovulation would have been March 21st and s_x March 15th would have been barely inside the fertile window. If you are getting pregnant you might start experiencing early signs by the end of this week, but the chance is slim. Learn about signs of ovulation. The egg is only good for one day, and s_x after that is much less likely to result in pregnancy. GL!


ddy - March 26

No, my last period was really in feb. 7 & ended on feb. 13. I haven't got my period for march yet. I'm guessing i'm just late? Should i still take a pregnancy test just in case?


Grandpa Viv - March 26

OK. You appear to have skipped a menstruation due March 6th. You are not reciting weeks of early pregnancy signs, and maybe you did not have s_x in February anyway, so a pregnancy started mid February is out. Now you are worried about a drop of s____n about five days before a supposed ovulation March 20th. If that were the case we could be looking for early preg signs now (weird cramps) and in the coming week (fatigue). It's just possible, but not enough to worry about, which could get you false early preg signs.


ddy - March 26

Yes, i surely skipped my period for march. So how many percent by chance do you think i could be pregnant? Sorry if i'm asking alot of questions. I'm just really curious. & do you suggest i take a pregnancy test? Is waiting two weeks accurate enough?


Grandpa Viv - March 26

With perfect timing and a full shot, the chance is only 30%. Your timing was way off and the gla__s was not full. The chance of pregnancy is less than 5%. If you develop early pregnancy signs, test when you figure your next period is late, maybe April 7th.


ddy - March 27

Thanks alot for your help! I really appreciate it.



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