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It... - February 24

Lets get something straight here it started of with a discussion becasue as anybody would like to point out what everybody doesnt like. Mommy2kylie came in and just went and threw her swearing and calling us immuture girls when in fact tierd was simply implying what everybody was thinking. To be honest looking at this forum here mommy2kylie was making the drama but shouting her a__s of . We just said what we thought and asked her to stop it , when a faulty of her appers on a forum she wont take it and say " ok i wont do that " but she carries on with the swearing and name calling. Its pathetci yes but like we say when more then enough people have had enough they like to address this person to stop. Thats it no drama just "asking" her if she could cut the name calling and a__sumptions on some of these teens.


.....bec - February 24

but okay you dont agree with the way she is posting on this forum but come on ignor her dont mke a big deal out of it you lot are all trying to convince your selves and every one else your mature but by doing this your proving that your not just leave it be and spend you time on this forum giving advice to people who ACTUALLY need it and if you cant think of any good advice then just dont SPEAK!!!


ME - February 24



Mommy2Kylie - February 24

All of you guys are stupid people who need to act more mature You LOserz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and B___hes


tam - February 24

mommy2kylie quit calling people names, that is what this is about...... no one has called you any names, so just leave it be and move on


Mommy2Kylie - February 24

Get a Life you whore!!!!!!!!!!!!ANd all of you guys are SLUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


little girl - February 24

Here we go again ....little miss perfect calling everyone else whores and s___ts. What about YOU? Back off BITCH don't know anyone here.


layla - February 24

Now look who is acting like a little girl. Grow up Mommy2Kylie.


little*girl*ha! - February 24

I agree, her posts are always rude, She has an att_tude problem. I bet she sits around all day trying to come up with these clever statements that give her some sort of weird satisfaction.she talks down to everyone, its ridiculous. she needs an ego adjustment.


bec - February 25

can you not see YOUR all acting like little girls YOU all need to grow up and get NEW hobby


Mommy2Kylie - February 26



becca - February 27

you all sound really silly just leave it alone why are you so botherd about mommy2kylie any way u sound sad


Keigh - February 27

wow I came to this site to get help, information, support... and here are people who fight about others posting stuff? Wow...



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