Need To Know If These Are Possible Signs HELP

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Pink_Passion - August 23

I have been having quite a few of the sympotoms of pregnancy.....but i dont know if this is apart of it.... Today i went to the bathroom and there was a very dark brown discharge on my panties, i was thinkin... YES its my period, BUT my period has never come looking like looked like a poop stain, colour and texture! and continued on threw the day.... ALSO i constantly feel like i have to poo.... Could i be pregnant? ****Continued from "girl on Patch......unprotected s_x w/ partner"


Me - August 17

Are you sure you are not suffering from constipation? A constant brown discharge is not a sign of pregnancy unless it was very slight or spotted. But constipation can be a sign of pregnancy. Have you done a test?!


Pink_Pa__sion - August 17

Nope, cuz I have been pooping regularly, but I still constantly feel like I have to poo....No the discharge was very very slight, and it was dark... now I have what seems to be my period, I'm not supposed to get it until Thursday, but this is not like my period, last night I slept with no tampon or anything, and I should have woken up and had blood everywhere and pretty looked like i was butchered... lol... but there was not even a spot.... its sooo light theres hardly anything????? Please I really dont know what to do.... i just found out today that apparently he (bf) cant remember if he pulled out in time.....I havent done a test yet cuz I havent exactly "missed " my period and i dont wanna take it too soon????


Pink_Pa__sion - August 17



!?!?!?!? - August 17

you should take a test....dont just wait for thursday till ur period...cuz if it doesnt c_m then u will be worried more....if i were in ur situation i would get a test done as soon as possible cuz if ur not then u dont really have to worry about it too much.....and i u keep stressing about not knowing and stuff then ur period will be late cuz stress kind of back tracks ur period....


! - August 17

Stop trying to convince yourself that you are pregnant. Get a test done and stop speculating!


Pink_Pa__sion - August 18

Thanks guys, i appreciate the advice, i bought atest tonight, and I'm going to do it tomorrow morning, and then another one in a couple days just to be safe....I'll keep you posted.


Pink_Pa__sion - August 19

I Took the test today with my Bf.. and its NEGATIVE..... thanks you guys.... that was a big scare and trust me.... were never going without protection until were ready to have a child which wont be for a long time... lol... Ciao


unknown - August 19

you still could be pregnant. I would test again in a couple more days


Pink_Pa__sion - August 19

even if i think this has been my period... like ive had light bleeding for the past three days.... its pretty much done and today was the day originally supposed to get my period.... but i did take my patch off LAST Thrusday... you think there is still a good chance im pregnant?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Pink_Pa__sion - August 20

I'm going to wait the weekend to see if my period comes, if not im taking a test on monday morning with my first morning pee and everything.... Anyone.... Do you think there is still a good chance?!?!?


Pink_Pa__sion` - August 23




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