Ticklish Belly

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CRYST@LiiN@ - August 26

I am at about 6 months along and I am 15
Oh, I get soo ticklish when the doctor tries to touch my belly! Normally women say their ticklishness goes away when pregnant, but mine didn't!
+Ultrasounds are horrible, because the cold jelly makes my belly shake!
+When the doctor feels my belly, she has to do it for a long time because I have a high-risk pregnancy (for my young age)

She also gets her fingers into all of the nooks and cranies of my big belly and it makes me laugh out loud. Sometimes even as a joke she starts tickling me on purpose. (I don't care about purposely being tickled, but it is embarassing how I can't stop laughing!!)

I don't know what is wrong with me, but I can't even have my mom rub my belly when it hurts cuz it tickles too much! What is my problem????!



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