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Alyssam21 - April 17 8:58am

Well yesterday, Sunday I went to the ER. I was not for sure on the pain that I was having. This is my first pregnancy. I was having pain both in my back and stomach. It also came every 7 to 10 minutes. So I was advised by the nurse to come in just to be safe whether it was contractions or not.
So I go in and they hook me up to a moniter. The moniter shows some uterine irritability but didn't seem to be contractions (weren't lasting long enough.) So they observed me for about 2 hours and still the same. Well, then my doctor came in and said just to be safe check for any dialation and effacement. She was so surprised to find I was almost 2 cm dialated and my cervix was soft... So I was put on fluids and given a couple shots to relax my uterine muscles (which made me horribly sick to my stomach.) I was there for another 6 hours to keep an eye on me. They checked me two more times and I had no further contractions or dialation. My doctor said that I may just be one of those women who are 1 to 2 cm dialated early on through out their PG with no complications (just the way their body responds to the PG.) But to be safe I go in on Tuesday to have a test done that can determine whether the baby plans on coming in the next 2 weeks or not. If it comes out yes, I have to go up to another hospital a couple hours away. And if no, i will either be on bedrest or only allowed moderate activity.
Anyone else been 2 cm dialated this early on (with first PG) and had an uneventful (no interventions with the doctors) pregnancy? Anything would help greatly, thanks!

LoriAnn2994 - April 17 10:29am

Hi, I am 35 weeks, almost 36 but have been on bedrest since 33 weeks for preterm labor. I was 1 1/2 cm dilated at 33 weeks now I am 2 cm dilated. I also had a Fetal Fibronectin Test and Mine was positive. I still have not had the baby. I go tomorrow for another check. Last week I had contractions 3-6 min apart but they stopped. I had Preterm labor with my first one also. I think it is just me. Also while on bedrest I developed Pre-Eclampsia, so I have to be very careful about my bp. The test you are having is about 99 percent accurate if negative which means that the MD will be fairly certain that you are NOT going to delivery. Mine was postive which means that I have the stuff present that you must have to go into labor, it doesn't necessarly mean that you will. Good Luck, Bedrest sucks esp if you have other kids.

Alyssam21 - April 17 10:54am

Thank you so much, that has helped greatly! I'm hoping it comes back negative. This is my first day on bedrest and I'm already going out of my mind!

sstiles - April 25 6:22pm

I am 29 weeks pregnant and just found out that I am 2cm dilated. I had a Fetal Fibronectin test and it was negative but the doctor still wanted to admit me to the hospital and put me on strict bedrest. They are monitoring me around the clock, have only had a few contractions. I had no indication that I was 2cm dilated. Bedrest really sucks and especially in the hospital, I also have a 2 1/2 year old.

Alyssam21 - April 25 10:22pm

I am so sorry to hear that :( I know it does suck. I am lucky not to have any kids yet. My Fetal Fibronectin came out negative also which is awesome! But I was admitted back into the ER due to more contractions 2 days ago. I stayed over night for 2 nights and am on bedrest still with heavy medication to stop them. I had an ulrasound yesterday to check on babys health. He's doing great but my amniotic fluid is low... I have to go back in on Thursday for another ultrasound. This stinks...

sstiles - April 25 10:40pm

Are you on strict bedrest at home? From what I have read from other women they get bedrest at home and don't have to stay in the hospital. Not sure if my doctor is over cautious. What did your doctor say about you being 2cm dilated, what % effaced?

Alyssam21 - April 26 10:04am

I'm on bedrest at home. It is not totally strict. I am able to go to the bathroom, take a shower and make my self something to eat if no one else is around to help me out. Other then that I can sit up or lay down and that's it. Maybe since your earlier (29 wks) and already 2 cm dilated they are being very safe and keeping you in the hospital! My doctor says that some women (even this early on) can be 1 to 2 cm dilated and be totally normal. BUT the fact that I have been having frequent regular contractions is not normal this early. I am 30 to 40% effaced.

Daniella - April 26 11:38am

Hey Alyssam- I also went to the ER at 32 weeks because of losing my mucus plug and having horrible pains like my period was coming. Doctor said he didn't think it was my plug since I was only 32 weeks. He was kinda brushing me off. Anyhow, he did do an internal and during his face expressions changed and he said, "well, looks like your dilated and effaced with a VERY soft cervix" Then he said, "you definitely lost your plug, I sure hope you make it to 35 weeks" Anyhow, I wasn't given any meds. I didn't even get the FFN test (they don't have it available for another 2 months.. doesn't help me now. lol)... nor did the doctor put me on bedrest. He just said to take it easy and that was it. Well... I have been back a few times... I have been a good 3 cm dilated, 80% effaced and baby real low for WEEKS now. They said that just some woman will dilate and or efface (usually efface very early on the first pregnancy) much sooner than others and still go full term. Well, what was thought that I might have a preterm labor is now full term. I just had my apt. yesterday and still at 3 cm. So, there honestly is no way of knowing.. Yes, the FFN test is pretty accurate that you wont go into labor within 2 weeks if it comes back neg. BUT pretty much means squat if it comes back positive. SO, its really only helpful if it comes back neg. It would have still been nice to know at least that weeks ago. I have been a wreck since 32 weeks thinking I might go into labor early. Well, here I am 38 weeks now (6 weeks later) wondering if he's ever going to come. LOL

sstiles - April 26 11:50am

Hi Daniella, I am beginning to think that I have an overly cautious doctor. I really feel fine and have had 1 contraction in the last 24hrs, It sounds to me that a lot of doctors feel that being 2cm dilated is common in some women. The fact that my FFN came back negative is probably another sign that it won't be happening soon. I feel that I could be on bedrest at home instead of strict bedrest in the hospital for the next 5 weeks. This is torture.

Daniella - April 26 12:09pm

sstiles- since this isn't your first pregnancy may be why you are dilating sooner as well. Do you know how effaced you are or what station the baby is (if head down)??? Also, every doctor is different... I deal with 4 total in my hospital. 3 doctors and 1 midwife. One of the doctors freaked out about me being dilated at 32 weeks and said no way I am making it full term and I should go into L&D at any sign of preterm labor. Then the rest said don't take what he says too much because some woman dilated early and still go past their due dates. So, I have conflicting doctors within my own clinic. LOL. I give up.. All I know is baby will come when ready. Everyone thought sooner... but, now he might have to be induced. Go figure!!

Alyssam21 - April 26 12:47pm

Hey Daniella - Thanks for the info. My doc told me the same thing that it can be very normal for a women to be dilated and effaced already. I honestly think this bedrest thing is a little much :) I mean I will follow because that is what the doctors orders are, but I think I am just fine along with baby. The only thing I'm really concerned about right now is the amniotic fluid being a bit low, but I will know more tomorrow at my ultrasound. As far as I hear and understand its ok as long as it doesn't keep decreasing.

sstiles - April 26 1:16pm

Daniella, I am 50% effaced and on Friday the baby was breached and when the doctor on call did a pelvic exam on Monday she said she felt the head but then my doctor said it could have been the b___tocks. My doctor just came in and said it is just a waiting game right now she is not going to do an ultrasound for another week or two. You may be right about being dilated to 2cm and it is my second child. My first came very quick, I went to the hospital at around 11am and had her by 8pm, but it just seems like I can lay around at home instead of here.

Daniella - April 26 9:35pm

sstiles- If you don't mind me asking... where abouts you from?? I can't believe the doctor would mistaken the b___t for the head. Thats not a very good doc. Yikes!! Also, a lot of doctors don't believe in bedrest (unless you have in incomplete/incompetent) cervix... because if your going to dilate, your going to dilate and laying in bed isn't going to stop that. If you know what I mean. Heck, most woman that go into labor, start at late night/early morning because they were relaxed in bed. Alyssam- good luck on the scan. Try to keep real hydrated. Drink lots of fluids. I'm sure all will be fine. :) Also Sstiles- Wow! Are you typing from the hospital? I didn't realize you were there. Awww, I am so sorry!! Are they doing that to get money from your insurance? I would definitely ask about doing bedrest at home. At 32 weeks, I was about where you are. ALso, 50% effaced... yet, the baby was engaged head down also.... and I was having some strong contractions.. but, nothing regular and they sent me home. Now I am 38 weeks. At 3-4 cm and 80% effaced. Yet, still going. Doctor didn't put me on any bedrest and I am very active. If you were having some real strong contractions that showed signs of labor with the head engaged as if baby could come out.. then I can see the concern. I am not your doctor (thats who you trust and should know whats best)... but, you may want to talk options with them. Quick question.... what made them do an internal exam on you at only 29 weeks?? Most doctors don't like to do them until 36+ (usually 38+) weeks, since it doesn't give much weight at all on when labor will happen. One can be 4 cm for 4 weeks, and another can be 0 cm and give birth that night.

sstiles - April 27 12:32am

I am from California, apparently today when my doctor came in she said that the doctor who examed me said it was the head. How this all came about was that I asked my doctor to send me for a 3D ultrasound so that my insurance would pay for it. My husband and I went for the ultrasound and everything was going good until she looked down and saw that I was dilated and that my cervix was short. At that point the baby was breached. They then did the FFN and an internal ultrasound to verify and it was true. I was then sent over to the hospital to get the FFN results and they were negative. I then was put on a monitor and admitted. The doctor on call did a pelvic and confirmed that I was 2cm dilated and my cervix was very short. Then they started Procardia and gave me two steriod injections. The doctor then examed me on Monday and there was no change except that she felt the head. So I guess within days the baby turned. I have no idea if I am suppose to be here or what. I haven't had any contractions except immediately after I had the pelvic exam on Monday. I feels really crazy being in here. My doctor keeps saying that if I didn't even know I was 2cm dilated then how am I going to know if I dilate anymore. Should I ask for a High Risk OB Consult? Not exactly sure what to do!! Thanks for listening.

Daniella - April 27 3:14am

sstiles- A "LOT" of woman, and I stress... a LOT of woman don't even know they are dilated when its only 1, 2, 3 and even 4 cm. The only way they know is because of an internal (or ultrasound). Hence the reason why MANY doctors wont do an internal exam until you are full term. Hey, I am 3 cm dilated and would have no idea except for the fact of the internal exam telling me. You may not know that you are dilating (so what, many dont) but you will know when you are in labor. Also, having an internal exam can actually make you dilated more... or like you said.. you got contractions following the exam. I have no idea what you can do now. I would be b___hin to the hospital that if I'm not in labor then I shouldn't be there. Heck, I have been sent home 3 times from our hospital because I wasn't having any progress. Even being sent home, I wasn't put on bedrest. I suppose each doctor is different, but I would definitely talk to someone. How far do you live from the hospital?? What I am wondering is how long do they plan on keeping you? They are treating your pregnancy like a disease and there shouldn't be any reason for that. Hey, another question for ya... how did you manage to get the 3D scan, if not for a medical concern and/or anatomy ultrasound? They usually do the anatomy scan at about 19 weeks. I got the 3D scan done for fun but paid for it out of our pocket. It was only like $150 for an hour worth, with it on DVD and pics. But, that wasn't anything medical.

Daniella - April 27 3:21am

Oh also... I just moved from cali. HEHE... was stationed there at Miramar if you know where that is. I am overseas right now... ANyhow... also meant to add, you said that your cervix is short (what 50% effaced or something)... well, my cervix isn't really short.. its pretty much been totally gone. The baby has been head down for the past 2 months and the past 6 weeks my cervix has been pretty much gone. If you were to feel my cerivix, his head is right there. So, you can sit like that for a while. Its so hard to predict. I just can't believe you had the FFN test done, and it came back neg. yet they're still keeping you. Its like, what was the point of having the FFN test done?? Did you have any of this with your daughter?? Or did you not have your first internal until much later on?? ALso, how many weeks were you when she was born?

sstiles - April 27 10:34am

I only live 10 minutes from the hospital. Not far at all. I had the normal ultrasound at 19 weeks and when I was there the girl told me to come back around 28 weeks and have the doctor request a ultrasound for growth vs. date and she would do the 3D and then my insurance would pay since it was for growth vs. date. I think that is what she put on the paperwork. That is when they discovered that I was dilated. My doctor is wanting to keep me here until I am 34 weeks (5 weeks), Isn't this crazy!!!! I feel fine and have had no contractions since Monday after the pelvic. After the FFN came back negative I thought for sure they would send me home, my friend was at home on bedrest because her FFN kept coming back positive. What the doctor told me about the FFN is that even though it is negative they have to revert back to the clinical setting and I am dilated. It really makes no sense. I am going to ask my doctor for a consult from a High Risk OB who deals with situations like this all the time. From what you are telling me I really shouldn't be here like I thought but when you hear all this you immediately get scared and listen to the doctor. My doctor was born full term at 38 weeks. I went to the doctor on a Wednesday and she took me off work because of high blood pressure, I was off one day and then went into labor on Friday at 11am and had her at 8pm. I never had any of this with her but who knows because I didn't have an internal exam. I forgot to ask when did you start having intermittent contractions? Do you continue to have contractions? Thank you for listening and providing information. I really appreciate it.


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