36 5 Weeks And Havent Felt The Baby Move All Day

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Dez - October 22

Hello, can someone please help, I usually feel my baby move all day long (well with sleeping patterns), or even get the hiccups. I notice it because I dont really do much all day and everytime she starts moving I stop to watch her. Now i am worried because i have drank juice, ate some candy and laid back to do a fetal movement count and I got nothing. I also took a bath because she usually goes crazy when i lay back and relax. I dont know what could be wrong? any answers


K - October 23

It is normal at the end of your pregnancy because the baby is running out of room! her sleeping patterns could also be changing.I experienced this the other day and im 36 wks..but later that night he/she was moving around everywhere. If movement is absent for more than a day I would go to the doc and get them to check up on things just to set your mind at ease.


ErinJoy - November 5

At 25 weeks I didn't feel my baby move for 4 days in a row. I know that there is a great difference in our due dates but my baby is ALWAYS moving so it really scared me. I almost called the Dr but the next morning when I had planned to I felt its little hello kick. If you've already tried the caffeine/sugar awakening method and that hasn't worked just to be safe I would drop in at the office and just have the Dr listen in to be safe.



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