36 Weeks Severe Back Pain

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Kristin11 - March 19

I am 36 weeks and at work right now, but my back is hurting so bad. It kind of making me wonder could this be labor prep? I have had some mild cramping in the front on and off for a couple weeks too. My dd was born at 36 weeks also and i had back labor with her. What do you ladies think?


MichelleB - March 19

Is it in your lower, middle, or upperback. Is it spasming or is it constant. My back only really hurt towards the end of my labour, so I am really not sure, but it was really low. If it comes and goes, it definately wouldnt hurt to go get checked! Good luck.


Kristin11 - March 19

lower back, i am watching it and guzzling some water and hopefully it will slack off. I am hoping he will hang out longer then my dd did. She was perfectly healthy at 36 weeks though and went home like any full term baby. So I guess we will see. I was hoping that he would at least make it to 37 weeks though. Maybe i jsut slept funny too. It seems to be constant, not pulsing or anything, but like i said with my dd thats pretty much how it started, i woke up with severe back pain by 5pm that night my water broke. Who knows i may just be dwelling on it to much.


excited2bemama - March 19

Hmmm sounds like it was with your DD.. I don't really know but I would keep an eye on it- You might be super close to meeting your little bambinoo.. keep us posted!!!!


mrighter - March 22

I was having the same issue. My backache started like lower spine and wrapped around to the front and at times the pain went down my hips and thighs. The Doctor had said they sounded like contractions and to be aware that those pains should be timed and watched to see if they are false or real contractions...


Kristin11 - March 22

thanks mrighter mine turned out to be false, but heres hoping for true ones!!



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