38 Weeks And Sooo Thirsty Anyone Else

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momof3 - December 6

I had this in the last few weeks with my other two pregs. as well. I feel so thirsty for ice cold water and I can't figure out why. I was tested for GD week 28 my blood sugars were fine. Someone said it is your body's way of getting the required fluids for milk production. Anyone else experiencing this?


Aviendha416 - December 6

YES!!!! I've been drinking apple juice like crazy since it is the only juice I can drink without getting insane heartburn.


Seal - December 6

Totally insane thirst hit me about a week and a half ago, at about 36 weeks. I couldn't think straight I was so thirsty. I went to the doc because I read that it can be a sign of gestational diabetes, but she did tests and all was fine. Apparently our blood volume is at a peak right now, we are busy making amniotic fluid and preparing to make milk, we are retaining water like crazy, and also, it is now winter so we are drier overall. So, keep listening to your body and drink lots and lots. Plain old water is best too - my doc said try to avoid drinking straight juice because of the sugar - try to water it down quite a bit.


momof3 - December 7

Glas to hear I am not alone. I was worried about the gest. diabetes thing. I was tsted at 28 weeks and was fine. I will just keep chuggin' along then!! Definately I stick to water with the occasional very diluted gla__s of apple or o.j for variety.


jenprice - December 9

Yes, if you are that thirsty, you need to drink. It helps keep aching and swelling down too.



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