40 Weeks Baby Is Measuring 3 Weeks Bigger No Induction Yet

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crystal74 - February 28

i went to my 40 week appt. today and the dr. didn't schedule me to be induced like she said she would. she scheduled another appt. for monday to check the position of my cervix. she said the baby is continuing to measure larger and larger at every appointment but she's still letting me go longer and longer. i am a small person, only 23, and first baby and i just don't understand why she's letting me go longer when he's so big. she checked me today and it hurt so bad. she said that i'm dialated a finger tip. but my cervix is up when it needs to be down? ?? so she'll check me again next week and hopefully my cervix will be down. she has got me scared of labor because the size of the baby. my worst fear is i'll die in labor. i cried as i left the dr.'s office today. i'm really upset that she didn't schedule to induce me like she promised.


DownbutnotOUT - February 28

dont get me wrong but I was explained the cervix comes forward, starts to thin out, and than opens. i might be wrong maybe you should google "cervix during pregnancy or cervix during labour". If it was me I would be at the hospital right now complaining of sharp back pains and lots of pressure just to get things going.


AshleyandAverysmom - February 28

If this is a multiple DR practice ask to see a different DR..but I agree with Downbutnotout....I wouldnt heistate to go to the hospital. Also, dont be scared...I bet youll do just fine! Maybe ask the Dr to do an ultrasound to see how biog the baby is and if the lungs look good ask to be induced. Dont be scared about asking you have a 50-50 chance of them sayingyes! Good luck!


mary b - February 28

First try not to worry..I'm sure you'll be fine in labor, try to think positive...also i feel that if we are paying these doctors for their service, they should pretty much do as we wish!!! I totally agree that induction should only be done if it's medically nessasary (ie: large baby). But if your baby is large and your small you should be induced!! express to your doctor that you do not want a c-section, unless you do...Also try to remember that they can only guess how big the baby is, so Doc might be off about that...try not to worry, I bet you go into labor before your next appointment! Good luck girl keep your head up....


crystal74 - February 28

girls, i hope i go into labor before monday's appointment. they did an ultrasound on the 6th and the 15th and both said that the amniotic fluid is normal and baby is 3 weeks bigger than he should be. i want to go to the hospital and say that i'm having back pain but i'm afraid they'll send me home. now i'm spotting. i think it's from her checking me. it hurt so bad, i told her it hurt but that didn't stop her. she said that my cervix was not in the position it should be in and if she could pull it down with a hook she would. i don't want a c-section and i told her that. i should go to another dr.


andy - February 28

hi crystal ... its so nice to see that we have come this long road and that you are already 40 weeks ... I´m 35 w 3 d and so so happy ... I think a vry important thing is that a woman thrusts her obgyn , and maybe you should get a 2nd opinion , I have always heard that its best , if after 7 pounds you let your baby get fat OUTSIDE , cause it´ll be really hard to get him out a lot fatter than that ... My baby is 5 and a half pound right now and my dr said that I shouldn´t gain more weight , and I´m 1.73 and 175 lbs so maybe your dr just wants a c section and doesn´t know how to tell you and just wants you to ask for it out of desperation , so see another dr and confirm that a VB is still possible ... Good luck please keep us posted !!!!!


crystal74 - March 1

i wouldn't be surprised if that's what she wants to do. she has made upsetting remarks in the past and i should have changed dr.s then. oh well, anyday now and this big one should come out. andy- i am so happy to see that we have come this far. i don't see any other women from the previous forum we started on, do you?


crystal74 - March 5

well i'm being induced on thursday, finally. what should i expect?


missycc4 - March 5

I'm 41 weeks with my LMP and 39 weeks with my ultrasound. I have a Dr. appt Wednesday and I'm going to ask her to induce. At the sono the baby is at 8lbs 6 oz. She told me to hang in there but I'm in a lot of pain. To her I still have 3 weeks to be4 I hit 42 weeks. But with my LMP I'll be 42 weeks this Saturday. The baby is doing good but I'm feeling like she won't listen to me and address my issues. My feet are swollen, dizzy, I have a really hard time breathing, I get this headaches but there not bad, a lot of pressure and pain down there. This office does have more then one Dr but its to late to go to another Dr. with only having a weeks to go be4 I tell her to take this baby.


AshleyandAverysmom - March 5

Girls..It's never too late to switch Dr's..espically since it sounds like your in a Multi Practice. My Ob's office makes you see everyone in case you go into labor on their day. It's your body, Your baby and your comfort.... I would call up and ask to be seen for a second opinion...It can't hurt and Im sure you guys arent the first to do this. Alsi, if nothing else you will get the comfort from a anothers views... I hope that helps! FYI..I drank lots of Rasberry Green Leaf tea, supposdly that starts contractions. It worked for me... Good luck Girls


mosley12 - March 5

crystal74, i was induced. since i was only 36w6d, and my first, i hadnt even started to efface yet. what they did was check my in the day before i was suppose to check in because my bp was 211/110. they gave me a cervadil at about 3 in the afternoon, the next morning, around 6, i was completely effaced, so they started the pitocin, and around 7 my dr. broke my water. the contractions were BAD at around 8, and they finally gave me my epidural at around 11. between 6 and 11, i had only dialated 1 cm. at 3, i was only 2 cm. i fell asleep and woke up with the really bad urge to push at around 5. i thought i just had to have a bowel movement..i didnt realize thats what it felt like when it was time to push..lol..so between 3-5, i dialateed from 2 to 10. i started pushing around 5:20 or so, afrter the nurse called my dr. and got me ready, and ds was born at 5:51. they had to use to the forceps because my bp started to spike and they needed to get him out of me. it wasnt bad at all after i got the epidural. i slept alot of it..lol...do you plan on going natural or with an epidural?


crystal74 - March 5

well since he is measuring so big and this is my first, i plan on getting an epideral as soon as i can. starting off with iv medication.


andy - March 6

crystal ... I´m soooo happy for you ... You´ll have your baby in just a few days !!!! I´m still 3 1/2 weeks away and getting soooo anxious .I wish you all the luck in the world and that everything turns out great ... xoxoxoxo andrea


mary b - March 7

Crystal did you go to yet?? GOOD LUCK GIRL!!



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