Pelvic Exams

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Dani Renee' - October 28

When does the dr. start doing pelvic exams? Ive only had my pre pelvic exam done at my annual checkup one month before getting pregnant. She said all looked fine then, when will she start seeing if im dialating or anything else going on? I go to my 30 wk appt today.


Lesley - October 28

It all depends on your doctor. Mine won't do me one untill I am 41 weeks.


J - October 28

Usually about 36-37 weeks. I had mine done on sunday and the nurse shoved her fingers up so high I thought they were gonna come out my joke. She was like "I can't even find your cervix" i think nextime I will request a nurse or doctor with longer fingers.......hahaha


Dani - October 28

Thanks Ladies for your response. Yes my friend was telling me the other day that when she was getting her exam while in labor it felt like one of the drs. shoved her hand all the way up there, she said the same thing maybe her fingers wernt long enough...LOL


Steph - October 28

I got my first one done when I was 34w 6d. Only because I had been feeling a lot of pressure prior to the appointment and my doc wanted to make sure I wasn't dilating already - I just had one this weeks also (35w 6d) and it was much more painful, because she had moved down and he said he could feel her head so there was much more pressure down there than the week before. They don't like to do them regularly because they aren't the most comfortable thing for us ladies and it can cause some spotting or even bleeding from irritating the cervix too much - hang in there!


Ca__sie - October 28

Sounds like I'll be in a boat load of fun when it's my turn for pelvic exams to begin. hehe. I'm 33 weeks along now and I have a doc appointment on Tuesday.... I think it'll be another two weeks before he begins anything internal though... so that would be 35 weeks for me.



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