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ashley - June 28

Well I just had my second internal exam.. first one was at 35 weeks and I was 50% effaced and cervix was still closed. Today I had my second exam and I am 36 weeks on the nose. She said I was still 50% effaced and 1 cm dilated. The first one wasn't so bad, the second one was uncomfortable and hurt. (different drs too). I was at the mall shopping and I went to use the bathroom and I was spotting. Not just a small drop, but like quite a bit, but it was more like brown blood. I put a panty liner on and am having some more spotting and I think I might of lost part of the mucous plug as it was kind of mucousy too when I wiped tmi sorry. I still feel like I did almost when she checked me. I am having cramping and such. Any body else do this?? I did have trace amounts of protein so they said to drink more fluids.. My bh contractions are more now too. Is this just the result of the exam?


Mellissa - June 28

i just got back from my 36 week checkup (37 weeks tomorrow) and i too am spotting after my internal (1 cm dilated). my midwife warned me that it would happen. any time they mess with your cervix, it's normal to get some sort of spotting because it is a very sensitive thing.


ashley - June 28

Thanks.... did you cramp and have more frequent bh contractions too?


ARD - June 28

After my first exam I didn't spot or cramp, but my doctor told me not to be surprised if I did. So I wouldn't worry.


Mellissa - June 29

i am getting more intense and frequent bh now (it's about 4 hours after my exam) and when i went to the restroom a little while ago i had more spotting, this time it had a blood clot in it, i don't know if it was part of the plug or not. i'm pretty sure this should subside by tomorrow though.


ashley - June 29

mellissa-how are your bh contractions today and the spotting. I had tons of those mesntral type cramps last night and frequent BH but the have subsided a little today. I hope all is okay for you. Any body else have similar experiences?


haymay - June 29

After my first internal I was fine, but the next couple were painful and I spotted afterwards and cramped. My dr. said it's completely normal.


Mellissa - June 29

hi ashley... last night i did cramp a bit and the bh were getting pretty intense. today they seem to be back to normal, and i'm still spotting a little. i have heard that when there is any kind of tampering with your cervix, it can make contractions stronger, not sure why though. when is your due date? mine is july 20th, though i'm hoping this baby will come around the 15th. i had to be induced with my daughter because i went to 42 weeks... i'm hoping that doesn't happen again. as soon as my midwife checked me, the first thing she said was, "oh wow, there's his head.. he's REALLY low". of course i could have told her that, i have to pee evrey ten minutes. well, i hope everything goes smoothly for you. :)


ashley - June 29

Im due July 26th, but am being indcued July 16th. I just dont think I will make it to my induction date. I went early with my daughter too. (about 2 weeks) I heard about the tampering with the cervix could make you spot too, but at all my exams I never spotted when I was pregnant with my daughter. so just took me off guard because I was not expecting it. I am still having some mild menstral type cramps. But thats been going on a for a week or so. Did you get checked at your 35 week check? I did and was 50% effaced cervix still closed. So I did make some progress this week, hence she said about 1 cm as she could easily get a finger tip all the way in there. I only made it to 1.5 cm with my daughter before I went into labor. This little guy is down low too. im at a -2 station. I feel dumb asking this stuff as I am a nurse, but I just dont have much experience in OB yet, though i hope to work in that department some day.


ashley - June 29

thanks far along are you and where are you at as far as effacing/dilating?


Mellissa - June 29

the last checkup i had before the one yesterday was at 33 weeks, and i wasn't checked. my midwife said she didn't see any need for me to go to weekly appointments like i did with my daughter because everything has been so perfect with this pregnancy (except spotting and cramping early on due to an irratable cervix). my next appointment is 38 weeks, next friday.. so hopefully i will make some progress before then. :) when i got induced at 42 weeks with rylee i was only dilated to 2! so hopefully this little boy is a little more anxious to get here. i don't know how effaced i am, my cervix is so far back she had a hard time getting to it. the same thing happened last time i was pregnant. it makes the internals a little more intense. i didn't spot when i got internals done with my daughter, but this pregnancy i've had a pretty sensitive cervix, so that's the only reason i wasn't taken off gaurd by it. you're lucky you have an induction date set already. my midwife will let me get induced around 41 weeks if i want to, i haven't decided yet if that's what i want or not. are you hoping to go in naturally? i hope i go naturally, but if i get induced, that's ok too because i had such a smooth experience when i got induced with rylee... i hope all labor is like that. lol.


haymay - June 29

Actually my dd is 11 wks old tomorrow. But 2 wks before my dd was born at my appt I was only 50% effaced and not dilated, then a day before I went into labor I was 75% effaced and 1 cm dilated...when I went into the hospital the next evening in labor, I was at a 4 and almost fully effaced. I had her 1 day early, I was due Apr. 15 and had her on the 14th. My dr. had scheduled an induction for that next week for me, since it wasn't looking like she was coming anytime soon, but it just goes to show you don't have to be dilated very much to go into labor! My water broke at about 6 cm on it's own. Congrats on your lo!


ashley - June 29 its amazing how differently we all progress. Hope your labor was a good experience for you. Mellissa-I do hope/think I will go into labor naturally. But my condition with the doctor was that I would cancel the induction if my body wasn't doing anything on my own. But since I am already 50% effaced and dilating I am not thinking that will be the case. I now know those menstral cramps and pressure i've been feeling has been doing something. Im not curious to see if I will have made any more progress next weeks visit. My water broke with DD and I then was given pitocin because my contractions were so weak and irregular that I didn't even know I was having them. My water had broke at around 2am and around 10:30 am they decided to start the pitocin. So from 10:30 to 3:30 I had only dilated to 3. They gave me an intrathecal at 3:30pm and that was heaven though it only lasted a hour or two at the most. Most of my progress was from 3:30-8:30pm. I started pushing around 8:30ish and my daughter was born at 9:26pm. So i will see how this one goes.. I get nervous thinking about this one.


Deb - June 29

Yes, I am in the exact same boat. 38 weeks, just had my second internal exam yesterday and I started spotting right after the exam and am still spotting today. I have been told it is normal, so I haven't been too worried about it.


DWilson924 - June 30

I had my 35 week appoint on Monday (6/26) and had my first internal exam and the streph test done. After getting dressed, I went to wipe the gell off that she used for the internal and noticed I was bleeding, heavily. Got dressed (thank god I already had a pad on) and went and asked if that was normal. She said it was because when you are pregnant you are very vascular, or something like that. Well the next morning I woke up, went pee, and when I wiped I had what looked like a clump of red tissue, like what you'd get during your period. Then after that my bleeding tappered off. Wednesday morning,woke up, and the same thing happened. But when I got to work I pa__sed another huge clump of what looked like snot. So of course I called my doctor and she said all of that is totally normal and is expected to happen, and she didn't say if it was my plug or not, but I'm leaning towards that it was because what else would look like that? So just monitor your bleeding and make sure it doesn't get bad. If it does then I'd call your docotor and ask about it. But it sounds like my situtation and your's are pretty identical so I'd say you are ok. Best of luck!


ashley - June 30

Hey thanks... my bleeding has tappered off now. Now just getting yucky grose heavy discharge.... I go for another exam a week from today so can only guess it will happen again! I'll wear a panty liner next time.


mary70131 - July 4




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