Anyone Else S OB Not Check Dialation

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meg - June 16

I'm about 39 weeks, & my current OB does not check to see if I am dialated or effaced. My last OB began checking both of these things around 37 weeks I believe. I know that neither one necessarily means anything regarding when labor will start, but it was still nice to know! I was always really excited to see my progression from week to week! Now I have nothing...just the feeling that I am going to be pg. forever! :-) Does anyone else have an OB who does not check to see if you are dialated??


HeatherIsHopeful - June 16

my OB checked but some dont... they dont check because there really isnt much of a reason to do so. like you said effacement and dilation will not tell you how far away labor is or anything, it really cant tell ya much. maybe they would do it if you asked (?) its worth a try.


HeatherIsHopeful - June 16

i dont know what I would have done if my OB didnt check me from week to week.. that was like the highlight of my week lol


cors1wfe - June 16

Ask your OB next time mine wasn't going to check me last time and I asked her to and she did and I was thrilled to find out I was 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced with a soft stretchy cervix woo hoo.....


sashasmama - June 16

I agree, you should just ask your dr., they won't say no, just add the fact that you've been feeling pressure/contractions (even if you haven't been, hehehe).


red87 - June 16

My doctor has never checked me either - I am only 36 weeks though but I have heard that some doctors start checking regularily at around 33 weeks. Im hoping my doctor will start soon though, it would be good to know if anything is happening down there lol


meg - June 16

Hi ladies! Heather...that was also the highlight of each week when I was with my other OB & was pg. with number 1! I had an appt. today & did ask, & oh, lucky me, they did say no! I was told they do not check to see if you are dialated. You think if I tell them I have been having contractions, they might?? I was reading online about how to do it yourself, but I really don't think I can do it...& I wouldn't even know what I was checking for! I think that I am so ready to have this baby, that any sort ot dialating/effacing, would just make me feel so much better....Thanks for the answers!


HeatherIsHopeful - June 16

I cant believe they said no! thats ridiculous I would be like "Im am paying you so you should do what I ask!" lol sorry they didnt check. I also read online about how to check yourself.. I dont think I could do it though, I wouldn't know what to feel for. at least you are almost done so the wait is almost over :)



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