Anyone Use Evening Primrose Oil And It Worked

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katiegirl_32 - July 29

just wanted to know if anyone used this oil the va___al way and how it worked for you. thanks. just kinda ify on putting stuff up there. lol


pregnantjackie - July 29

been using it for a few days, except for last night. Don't know if it works yet...


katiegirl_32 - July 29

thanks, keep me informed!


pregnantjackie - July 29

I will for sure.


kimberly - July 29

I have been using it for a few days now. I have only used it orally though. I am 36 weeks today and I plan on inserting it tonight. I see the Dr. again on Tues. so I will let you know if it has done anything yet. I was completely closed last week.


BiancaM - July 29

Hi. I wasn't dilated at 34 w 2 days and started using EPO when I turned 35 weeks v____ally and at my 35w4d appt I was 1 cm and 25% effaced. I think it's working :)


DDT - July 29

I started orally ingesting EPO at 36wks (3x a day). At 39wks (my first internal) I was 70% effaced. I am not sure if this was due to the EPO.


momma3tobe - July 30

I used it with my first two and within a week of inserting it (starting at 36 weeks) I had begun to soften and dilate. Because I needed to progress to be induced I started early (34 wks) I was high up, long and completley closed when I started and by my 36wk appt I was thinned out and 1cm. I think it works. Now at 37 wks I take three capsules orally and insert one at night.


durante baby - July 30

Oh now Im anxious for my v____al exams to begin....I will be 36 weeks on friday I have been taking the EPO for about a week now orally, and every other day v____ally.....On friday i started shedding parts of my mucus plug.............Does anyone know if my dr should do a v____al exam at my appt this week since I lost or have been shedding my mucus plug. She doesnt start v____al exams til 37 weeks, I was just curious if she should now that im obviously showing sighns of progressing?


kimberly - July 30

I am curious ladies, you say you take it 3 times a day, how many mg's is in each capsule? I have 1000 mg capsules and I thought you were just suppose to take two 500 mg capsules a day so I have been only taking one 1000 mg capsule a day. Should I take more??


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - July 30

Do you guys have it in the oil form or capsole form, I have it in the capsole...but it seems like some have it in oil form???


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - July 30

I have the same question as Kimberly as well...cause mine says take 3 times daily, but I just take it after dinner (last night was my first night taking it) and I plan on taking one.


ashley276 - July 30

i am also pregnant 38wks4dys, my cervix has dialated 2 & i am effaced at 90% & my baby is stationed at 0 , i am looking for something to help induce labor naturally, & i have never heard of this can someone let me on this secret a little bit!


momma3tobe - July 30

Mine are capsules, 500mg each so if you have 1,000mg I would just take one and insert one (if you want).


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - July 30

I'm scared to insert the whole pill, but I read on another thread to break the pill and put it on the p___s before s_x and use it that way, has anyone tried it that way?


momma3tobe - July 30

the ones I got dissolve completley so I don't worry about inserting them. I haven't tried to use it on the p___s, I guess it would work but not as well since it won't have as long to absorb and not as much of it will get near the cervix.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - July 30

How does everyone insert it v____ally then, do the push it up there, just stick it up there or what? Does it dissolve or will I have this pill inside me for a while? I don't understand the process I guess since mine look like the liquid gel kind, so I'm confused



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