Around What Week Does The Baby Turn To The Head Down Post

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beachmom7 - May 23

Around what week does the baby usually turn to the head down position?


krista-lee - May 23

my doc said my babys been head down since about 28 weeks. he/she could be breech even up until 37 weeks and still be able to tuen his/herself over though : )


Atarahsmommy - May 25

had 32 week app. today, baby's head down for sure, but I think she has been for at least 4 weeks or so, but a baby can turn around right up untill your in labor, it's just less likly the bigger the baby gets and the less fluids are around him/her


Roary - May 25

My baby has been head down since 21 weeks 5 days. But over the last few months the doctors think he/she has turned posterior. I don't know what the average gestational age for turning is though. Obviously there is a wide spectrum. :)


Ca__sie06 - May 25

My baby is breech at 30 weeks. Is this bad or will he flip??


Olivene - May 26

My baby was still head up at 27 weeks. Now, at 29 weeks, I thinks she might still be headed the wrong way. They gave me exercises to do to try to turn her. I thought it might be too early to worry, but I've been doing them. I'm not sure when I should start to be concerned. I have another appointment next week. Beachmom7, how far along are you?


Evonna - May 26

My baby was head down @ 22 weeks. Now she's breeched @ 28 weeks. But my doc told me not to worry because she's breech. Babies will continue their arobics until they have no room in the uterine home. So therefore, my baby is just in all types of positions. Yesterday i felt her in the traverse position because both sides of my abdomen were hard and i was wide, but she's either head down or still breeched.


Evonna - May 26

0h by the way, i am 29 weeks & 6 days now!



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